Just a simple note❤

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So the last time when I posted that I won't be continuing my book I was hell bent serious. I'm no joker and I've got many other serious stuffs to do as well. And I wasn't even asking any big thing. I was just asking your views and opinions on by book.

Even a single good comment can lift your spirits. So, that is what happened. So, @MattRicharlson your comment really made me re-think about my decision.

And now I've decided I'll be continuing my book with the same plot that I'd thought of when I started this book. I won't ask for your opinions. But I won't accept any negative comments, do note that.😊❤

So, as I'm busy with my new job these days, I'm all caught up. So, will post the new part real soon😉

Much love❤❤

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