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Looking at the response I don't want to give any update. I'm not complaining or anything as such. It's just that the no. of votes I'm getting and the no. of views is really massively different. Itna jyada difference kaise? Yaar why this much of silence readers???

Jaago bhai. Itna bhi kya sona? ?

Aur phir if I don't get good response then keep it in your mind that I'm not posting the next update.

I'm not threatening or begging. It's just I want you guys to know/realise that it's really hard to give you guys such update and not getting any response really hurts and decreases the confidence. If you guys don't like anything then you guys can suggest what you guys would like for me to add. I wouldn't mind. It's not that you guys are bound to comment good things only. But just be careful that you guys wouldn't be bashing but would just be suggesting.

And this isn't only about me. This is how all other writers feel as well.

Okay thanks.


Much desperation, (for good response😉)

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