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Nandini's pov:

Oh shit!!! How could I be so mean to Manik?? Aiyappa yeh maine kya kardiya? And what's wrong with me? How could I just go with the flow?? And since when did I become so reactive? Uff...Manik is rubbing off on me.

But what do I do now? Shall I go and speak to him?? No...I can't. If I'll go, he'll ask me 100 of questions which I can't even answer properly. But it's my mistake I should apologise. But if I don't go and talk to him, things would be even more complicated. Aiyappa what do I do now??

End of pov

As she was out of her thoughts, she sees Manik going out of the house. She isn't still sure whether she should call him or not.

She was having a battle within herself.

She finally chooses to call Manik. But great, just as she was about to call him, Manik gets a phone call and leaves the house without even glancing her a look, forget bidding her bye.

Well, by now Nandini was so damn sure that Manik was way too much hurt by her behaviour but she isn't even sure that is she ready to let go everything & share everything with someone. Maybe Manik? Or maybe Navy's? Maybe her Amma?
But what if they end up accusing her instead?
What if they don't understand her?
What if they refuse to understand her?
What if they abandon her?  What if...????

By now her eyes were filled with tears. She harshly wipes her tears.

"Nandini!  Just remember you are strong enough to handle yourself...way too stronger than anyone else thinks or you think yourself to be. Just believe in yourself. Yes, you can do this again, this time as well. Don't fall apart Nandini, remember your dreams, your goals, remember how strong you are. You are a very strong girl. And don't think about what they think. You're fine and you will be fine. For now, just Breathe in & Breathe out."

She starts taking deep & slow breathes. She has to relax herself and she know how exactly she has to do it.


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