Chapter 108.

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"Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am free again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am clean again

However far away I will always love you
However long I stay I will always love you
Whatever words I say I will always love you
I will always love you"

However far away I will always love youHowever long I stay I will always love youWhatever words I say I will always love youI will always love you"

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You'd think after all this time I wouldn't have that giddy anticipation with Harry, like it was the first time with him all over again - but it's raging through me in full force.

He looks just as anxious as me, and the tension is only pulling harder in my gut as he steps back from the hallway wall, and makes his way up to the bedroom door; barely watching where he's going, too distracted with stealing kisses like they're going extinct and keeping me held close against him.

I'm honestly shocked he never tripped over, and with how hard he's breathing is you'd swear he ran us to the bedroom, not walked slow and uncoordinated while his lips cycled between attacking my own and my neck.

It's such a hard thing to describe, how that chemistry with someone truly feels when you're so in love with them. It's something that's hard to comprehend until you've truly experienced it, and I hadn't experienced it until him. That connection isn't something you can fabricate, it's either there or it's not... But when it is there, it's so surreal.

You get absolutely consumed by it.

Harry walks us to the bed, and to my surprise - for once I'm not tossed onto it.

He places a knee on the bed and climbs onto it, shuffling onto the  centre of the mattress to then rest his behind back on his heels and perches me in his lap while my legs unwind to rest my knees either side of his legs.

His hands grip the end of my shirt, tugging it up my body and I lift my arms to help him pull the fabric up off of them before he tosses the shirt over his shoulder.

He leans back, dragging his eyes down my bare torso and brings his large hands up to wonder from my collar bones, down my chest and to my stomach as his heavy gaze follows the trail of his hands.

"M'never gonna get enough of you, you know that right?" he murmurs, flicking his eyes up to catch mine and his stare is that intense my throat tightens.

"Same goes for you" I reply in the same tone, sliding my hands down his neck to his chest, feeling it tense as I graze my finger tips down to his stomach.

There's still a vulnerability there with Harry, he almost looks nervous; unsure of himself and it's strange to see when he's so confident with the sexual side of things.

"I don't care if I sound pathetic" he says, splaying his hands against my back to pull me closer and dipping his head down ghost his lips across my collar bone, down my chest; leaving open mouthed kisses to my breast and his words are muffled against my skin "M'obsessed with you, I'd do anything for you - you've got me as long as you want me, but I know I'll always want you - even if you weren't mine anymore"

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