Thirty Eight

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Adonis and Grey were seated on the arms of the couches, seemingly ready— both dressed in all too simple costumes— with half an accessory that belonged to their proclaimed character.

I watched the awe that Donny regarded Jas with, cooing mentally— they were going to get married.

Grey admired Maggie similarly— I turned away from the now nauseating couples, staring at the door in front of which Banes shoes were missing.

I ignored the sudden clenching of my stomach along with the wave of unease and anger that passed through me.

This is my night. Mine and some random douche I'm going to hook up with.

I cleared my throat, "Hello— as weird as this is— we have a party to get to." I voiced out, annoyed.

That got their attention. Everyone hurriedly grabbed their keys and phones, heading out the door one by one— Adonis being the last one, locking the door behind him.

We were taking separate cars— Grey and Maggie in one, Jas, Adonis and myself in another.

There was no designated drivers plan— we were staying the night at Sam and Leen's.

The drive to their place was a little over 20 minutes— though the traffic and amount of cars made it double the time. As we neared, I could feel the vibrations of the music in the car.

Jas turned to me from the front seat, grinning wickedly— a look I returned.

Adonis glanced at me through the rear view, "You two head inside, I'll park and meet you there."

I nodded, opening the door and stepping out, shutting it close behind me. Jasmine grabbed onto my hand as we walked forward, and I intertwined my fingers through hers in response.

There were people passed out on the front lawn, two unidentified people retching into the bushes— a third taking a piss to the side.

I shuddered in disgust, glancing at Jas to see her equally grossed out.

A guy approached us from the left, a sleaze— by the way he blatantly checked out Jas and I— before placing his arm around her shoulders.

Before I could properly reach over and knock him out, Adonis came up from behind us, taking hold of the sleazeball's arm and twisting it off Jas's shoulder— shoving him harshly.

Jas quickly tucked herself into Donny's side, untangling her hand from mine in the process.

As we entered through the front door, I nudged her, "I'm going to go get a drink!" I shouted over the sudden invasion of noise.

She gave me a thumbs up in return, reaching up to speak into Donny's ear— relaying my whereabouts to him. He nodded, and I took that as my cue to leave.

I struggled to get through the mass of bodies— the twins' place was huge, the party specific to the first and second floors, as well as the basement. The first floor held a large dance floor, the second being where the built in bar was stationed, and the basement serving as a rec room.

I made my way through the obnoxiously loud, drunk, and dancing early twenty year olds, heading for the stairs leading to the bar and the second dance floor. I climbed up the stairs steadily, the heels proving to be a challenge.

Pushing my way through the crowd, I reached the bar, snagging a stool and sitting on it.

A friendly attractive guy came towards me, the bartender, "And what would you like, angel?" He questioned with a smirk.

I leaned forward on my elbows, smiling sultrily— or as sultrily as I could— "Surprise me, but make it strong."

He grinned, nodding and getting busy.

A moment later three shot glasses slid my way across the bar top; simple vodka. Perfect.

I took all three shots, downing them in one go— scrunching up my face and screwing my eyes shut as it burned down my throat.

The tenders grin widened, "Easy tiger."

I felt the vodka kick in, and I threw my head back, simply laughing in reply.

I aimed to get off the barstool, feeling myself stumble, before I stood straight, gaining balance.

Making my way into the animated crowd of drunk young adults, I exclaimed ecstatically as I heard a song I couldn't recognize but loved the tune of.

I felt a manicured hand grab ahold of my own, raising it up in the air and screaming along to the music. I turned towards her, grinning widely when I recognized her as Leen in my drunken haze.

I danced with my supposed Leen for a couple of songs before she was taken away from me. I didn't mind it, quickly replacing her as I felt a pair of rough hands grab onto my waist, swaying along with me to the music.

I turned in his hold, taking in his features. Raven black hair, dark brown eyes, dark plump lips leading to a chiseled jaw. Mmm. You look like my hookup for tonight.

I watched as his gaze trailed down my body heatedly, before meeting my eyes and smirking, pulling me closer.

I melted into his hold, turning back around as I continued dancing— quite inappropriately— against him. His cold hand tugged my head back, tangling in my hair. I felt his hot, alcohol tainted breath fanning over my mouth, a moment later his lips roughly colliding with mine.

I twisted, dragging my hands over his back and up his neck, harshly pulling on his hair as his hands wandered over my body— mouths crashing together in a drunken kiss.

And then he was gone.

I watched in mild shock as he was ripped away from me by the shirt, tossed to the side by a large figure with their back turned to me.

Whoever it was, he was positively raging.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing Jason?" He seethed. So my hookup's name is Jason.

"Christ dude— its just some chick—I got to her first!" Jason exclaimed.

"She's not just some chick, she's my girl." The voice— wait. Bane. Bane spat back at Jason. Bane is here.

Jason sneered, "Oh yeah? Well your girl was enjoying my tongue down her throat."

Clearly not Jason's brightest moment of drunk me could recognize it.

And suddenly, Jason wasn't as attractive, and I had sobered up.

I narrowed my eyes at Jason, "Yeah, that might have something to do with the fact that I'm not his girl."

The fucking idiot smirked at Bane, "You heard her mate, fuck off."

Bane narrowed his eyes dangerously, "I heard her alright."

And with that he reeled his fist back, driving it into the poor imbecile's nose— what was his name? John? David?— whatever, John/David was now lying on the floor knocked out, supporting a bloody nose.

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