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Hi my lovely readers! I have some exciting news to share with you.

1) I'd like to thank you all for 14 000 reads and 550 votes! That is absolutely insane, I can't believe the amount of support and love I've received from you guys. I'm ecstatic that you amazing human beans have read and enjoyed my craft.

2) I've entered Togetherness into the 2019 Watty's Awards! Being it my first time, I am unaware how the selection process works, however, I would love you guys' support in any way you can give it! Please comment and vote on my chapters and share Togetherness with your friends and family!

3) Loving Astrid is officially online! I have begun updating and writing my second craft,
and would love for you beautiful beans to check it out! I hope you love and support Astrid and Elias as much as you do Alura and Bane.

I absolutely adore each one of you! Thank you so much for giving my craft a chance, and thank you in advance for every read, vote, and comment.

Love, Dusk

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