Twenty One

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Lunch with the new additions was enjoyable. Leen, Sam, and Jonah were easy to get along with, and extremely friendly.

I was at complete ease with this group of people. It was refreshing. Bane seemed relaxed too, regardless of meeting them for the first time.

After lunch we all had gone to the penthouse, chilling and watching shows while Jas, Leen, and Sam made some more snacks. Leen and Sam's dad was a chef, quite a hit in Toronto apparently.

Sam had to leave first, he had work to get to. Grey and I left around 3:15 ish, to get to out 3:30pm lecture in stats.

By the time we came back, Adonis, Bane, Jas, and Maggie were the only ones remaining, according to the shoes laying at the door

As we walked into the living room, Grey a couple steps behind me, he greeted, "Honey I'm home!"

I snorted upon seeing the sight, Adonis and Jas were asleep on the couch, while Bane lay on the floor with Maggie across his legs, both asleep too.

I pulled out my phone immediately, snapping pictures of Maggie and Bane, not bothering with Jas and Ado since they're always dozed off somewhere.

Grey let out a little huff at the lack of response to his enthusiastic greeting, stopping short as he also took in the sight.

He looked at me with an evil grin, pulling out his phone as well. We were both busy taking pictures and caught off guard at the loud ringing the ensued.

"Shit!" I cursed, turning to Grey. I narrowed my eyes at him, noting that his phone was the culprit, and the ringer was going off.

At the loud sound, Bane let out an incoherent grumble, seemingly disgruntled as he lifted his eyes open, attempting to sit up only to be pushed back down by a cuddling Maggie.

I started lightly laughing at Banes expression and Greys pout. I walked over to Maggie, probing at her armpits with my foot in an attempt to tickle her.

Her eyes remained closed, but she started to smile. A couple more nudges later she squealed, sitting up and giggling. Grey had helped tickle her, now standing straight, looking pleased.

As Maggie got up to greet Grey, Bane finally lifted off the ground, stumbling backwards onto the love-seat. He motioned me towards him, holding out an arm.

I contemplated for a second, I am tired, but I also want to do some readings for the next lecture— I'll just grab my laptop and lay down with him, I thought.

Telling Bane to wait a minute, I jogged to the entrance of the penthouse, taking my laptop from its bag and going back to the living room. Maggie and Grey weren't there anymore, probably in Greys room now.

I walked over to Bane, who scooted over slightly, letting me lay down next to him and adjust my position. As soon as I placed the laptop on my lap, his arm wound around me, a large warm hand clasping my waist to prevent me from falling.

I spent around two hours completing the readings and researching on Professor Percy's assignment which he posted after class. Towards the end of my reading, I had begun to loose focus, seeing as my shirt had ridden up and Bane's hand was searing against my cool skin— not to mention that he'd rub his thumb over my ribcage every now and then.

I wiggled sightly, trying to nudge off his hand, but his grip only tightened.

I was so tired, my back aching from the position I was laying in. Deciding that they'd all slept long enough, I yelled for Loki.

I'd seen the little love when I'd first entered, but he was busy exploring kitchen cabinets, so I let him be.

As if waiting for when I'd call, Loki came bounding on all fours, tail wagging and tongue hanging. He came over to my side of the couch, standing on his hind legs to place his paws on me.

His excited barks did the trick, and soon enough, the two on the couch stirred awake, just as Bane's eyes opened too. At the sight of Loki, a lazy smile spread across his face.

He whistled lightly, catching Loki's attention, who thereby lost all sense of self, rearing back to catapult himself onto the couch. I quickly scrambled off the couch, choosing to avoid Loki's slobber.

I tumbled down along with my laptop, landing with a thud.

Jas and Ado cracked up, neither caring to give me a hand to help me up. Bane didn't do much either, remaining on the couch and watching me with amusement.

I ignored them like the bigger person, flipping onto my stomach and resuming activity on the laptop— only this time I was ordering pizza online.

I called out to the assholes, "Do you guys have any preferences for pizza? I'm ordering barbecue chicken, Hawaiian, and vegetable."

"Oh I'm fine with the pizzas, can you just order a side garlic dip?" Jas asked.

I nodded in confirmation, adding it to the order.

Bane added on, "It's Pizza Hut right? They have a deal on drinks with three medium or large pizzas, grab some coke."

Ado got up, grinning, "There's some Smirnoff in the fridge, so we can mix those."

I hummed in reply, "Maggie! Grey!" I yelled. "Do you guys want anything specific from Pizza Hut?"

Maggie quickly reached where we were lounging, "No munch, what you've got now is great."

"Actually, can you order some fries Lu?" Questioned Grey.

"Yeah. Okay, so I have three large pizzas, a barbecue chicken, a Hawaiian, and a vegetable, along with that there's fries, a couple garlic dips, and a couple cokes— that good?"

After everyone confirmed, I ordered. It was said to come in around 20-30 minutes. So somewhere between 9:00 and 9:15pm.

The food arrived, and we all pigged out, grabbing drinks and pizza, lounging in the couches and watching reruns of Fashion Runway.

I choked around 7 times through the duration of the night due to the comments Grey, Adonis, and Bane were making.

Maggie, Jas, and I kicked them off the large couch after two episodes, hogging it for ourselves while Bane lay in the love seat, Ado on the floor, and Grey in one of the side arm chairs.

It was memorable for me, leading me to grab my camera from my room and take a quick picture, for safekeeping on film.

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