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The professor looked to be in his mid fifties, sporting a full head of grey hair, and a broad and tall frame, my guess was around 6'3.

He walks— no he strides— into the room, a briefcase in hand, dressed business casually, and made his way to the desk at the front of the large classroom.

The room had quietened down considerably, apprehension, nerves, and respect coming into play. I watched him too, startled when he set down his briefcase with a loud thud onto the desk.

He threw his arms up, "What is this nonsense? And you're supposed to become future lawyers? You can't convince the judge with your silence you bunch of bananas."

I lightly laughed, I couldn't help myself. He was amusing, and through the slight smirk tugging at his lips, I figured he was being playful.

My laugh had seemingly got the profs attention.

"You!" He said, pointing a figure in my direction, "little lady between the mounds of beef to her left and right— am I of entertainment to you?"

I smiled, "Certainly not professor, just of amusement."

He took a step back, slight surprise crossing his features, before it settled with something akin to approval.

"Well, I can't complain. I did receive more of a reaction from you then I did from the others." He waved his hand, "You're off the hook— though, may I get your name?"

"Alura Moscow."

There were murmurs around the room, I suppose students who recognized Ado.

"Ah, unique, I'd call you Moscow, but I have a feeling the mound of beef two to your right is in some relation to you, which would lead to potential confusion between the two of you as you share the last name. Correct?"

I opened my mouth to answer, but he cut me off.

"Of course I am. Nice meeting you Alura, I'm Professor Percy Jackson— and yes, my parents took complete advantage of my last name, though that begs the question, why not Michael?"

He clapped his hands, "And that's my introduction piece. Moving on."

Professor Percy's class was most definitely going to be one of my favourites.

He ended the introduction criminology lesson fifteen minutes before the class ended.

"Now, I need you all to do two things— one, realize this is not a course on how to get away with murder and I will not be held responsible if any of you choose to orchestrate murder— two, find a partner, you have an upcoming assignment that will be done in pairs, and get to know them, if you don't already."

I took a moment to wrap up my things, placing my notebook and laptop in my bag. I turned towards Bane to confirm that we'd be partners, only to have a miniskirt attached to very long orange tanned legs in the way of my sight.

Annoyed, I turned to my left. The guy to my left was already looking at me, quite intently, so I hesitantly smiled in reply.

I held out a hand, "Hey, I'm Alura."

He nodded, smiling crookedly in return, "Hello Alura, I'm Damien— would you like to be partners?"

I twisted my head around to Bane who was still covered from view by the irritating miniskirt.

"That'd be great actually."

His smile deepened, a dimple forming. He picked up his phone, swiping a couple times, and handed it over to me.

"Put in your number, I'll need a way to contact you won't I partner?"

I smirked, "Right, contact purposes." I rolled my eyes playfully.

I quickly typed in my information, before asking him to do the same. As he handed my phone back, I read his contact name.

"Damien Striker?"

He looked up, "That'd be me, problem?"

"I'm sorry, it's just, you seem familiar, and your name rings a bell—I just can't place where from"

He started to reply, but the Professor cut him off.

"Okay, as lovely as this was— leave." He deadpanned.

I noticed the end time had passed, so I stood up, moving out from the rows and calling a bye to Professor Percy. Damien followed me out.

"Well, I'll see you next class." He said, smiling and waving a quick bye.

I walked towards where Adonis, Jonah, Bane and the other guy seated next to Jonah, were standing.

Bane was the first to greet me, though not how you'd imagine.

"You partnered with that Striker douche instead of me." He stated. "Why?"

"Bane what— you don't even know him— and excuse me you were busy with the leggy miniskirt so I figured you'd—"

Jonah interrupted, snorting, "Busy with the leggy miniskirt? Cute way to put it, but O'Neill over here shut her down hard. It was sad to watch."

The unnamed guy nodded, "She was a catch in university, like ketchup, been on all the wieners in campus, but damn good."

Ado laughed loudly, clapping the unnamed on the back, "That was accurate as fuck Sam."

Ah, so not unnamed anymore; Sam it was.

I laughed lightly, "That's crude." I paused, turning to Bane, "Wait so if you didn't partner with her, who did you?"

Sam smiled sheepishly, raising his hand.

"That would be me."

"Yeah, I'm with Sam." Bane confirmed.

"Okay well you could've told me or something, I'm with Damien, Striker is his last name, the one to my left."

Bane narrowed his eyes, arms crossed, "Yeah I know, the Striker douche."

I was going to reprimand him for judging another with no basis but chose to let it go, God knows how impossible it is arguing with Bane.

Adonis intervened, "Grey texted me, he's hungry and wants to meet at the Boston Pizza nearby, you guys down?"

We all nodded. Through this short meet and greet with Jonah and Sam, I figured they too were close friends of Ado and Greys. It was a relief, it meant they'd get along with Bane and I.

Bane, Adonis and I took one car, and Sam and Jonah followed behind us.

I could use food. As Bane parked the car, I hopped out, making my way in.

I saw Grey sitting at a large corner booth, Jas and Maggie present as well, along with another girl. She seemed to be African American; beautiful enough to be a model.

As I approached them, I exchanged quick hugs with Jas, Grey, and Maggie, and waved at the dark skinned girl.

"Oh, this is Leen, she's dating Jonah, and she's Sam's sister." Jas said, introducing the two of us.

I grinned, another set of twins.

Adonis, Bane, Jonah, and Sam walked in, exchanging hellos with the already seated party.

Bane slid into the booth next to me as the others got seated, and a waiter came over to ask for our order.

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