Chapter 23 : Hope Not

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"Eo?" I said as I was surprised by his actions. I slowly wrapped my arms around him and hugged him back. "I'm really sorry..." He whispered. I nodded before letting go the hug. He pinched my cheek. "Can't believe you broke the phone I just bought for you." He said. My eyes as I just realised and remembered that I threw it in the bathroom. "Hehe... Mianhae..." I said as I looked down. "Gwenchana.. I was planning on buying a better one anyways." He said.

"When will you get discharged?" He asked. "Hmm... Probably tomorrow since I'm already fine now." I told him. "What time is it?" I asked him as I pulled his arm to look at his watch. "Umm... It's almost 7 pm." He said as he looked at his watch before looking back at me. "Have you had your dinner?" I asked him. He shook his head as an answer no. "Yah, go eat some food." I said as I shook his arm. "Have you eat?" He turned to me and asked. I stayed silent. "I'll get food for you too okay?" He said as he stood up and gave me a smile before leaving. "Wait..." I said which made him stop walking. "Could you stay with me longer?" I asked him and he chuckled in reply.

He walked towards me and hugged me. "Don't leave me okay?" He said. I nodded as I hugged him back. He pulled away and looked at me closely. "You're beautiful..." He said. I smiled and gave him a kiss. He pinched my cheeks before leaving. "I'll get us some food okay?" He said before closing the door.

He is seriously the best...

Jennie's POV

Jisoo :
Jennie-ah, where are you?

Jennie :
In the hospital

Jisoo :
I'm on my way to see you

Jennie :
Wait what?

Jennie :
Why didn't you tell me sooner?

Jisoo :
When will you come back to the office?

Jennie :
Probably in 2 more days

Jennie :
Where are you right now?

Jisoo :
Almost there...

Jisoo :
There's a coffee shop near the hospital. Let's meet there.

Jennie :
Ok eonnie

End of conversation

I turned off my phone and stood up. I walked to the exit of the hospital and try to find this coffee shop Jisoo said. It was dark and I was all alone. I was a bit worried but decided to keep walking until I heard some noises behind me. I turned back and saw no one. "W-Who's there?" I stuttered in fear. I decided to keep walking and ignore it.

"BOO!" Someone scared me from behind. "AHHH!" I screamed in shock as I ran away but stopped after a while. "Chill it's just me." Jisoo said. I was panting after I ran. "You shocked me!" I said and earned a big laugh from her. "Come on, let's go." She said and held my hand. We both walked inside a coffee shop as we received a welcome from the staff there.

"What would you like to order?" The cashier asked us. "Eonnie, what do you want?" I asked as I turned to her then to the menu. "One cappuccino and..." She said and turned to me. "I'll get a macchiato then." I said. The cashier nodded and repeated our order. Me and Jisoo sat down as we slowly take a sip of our drinks.

"So how is Taehyung and Irene?" Jisoo asked. "They're dating." I told her. "Oh... I'm still gonna get revenge on her though." Jisoo said. She suddenly showed her phone to me. "I have some old pictures of him with his past secretaries. I will make her heartbroken and-" "Although I feel bad for Irene... I can't stop you for some reason..." I told her. She smiled in a suspicious way and took another sip of her cappuccino.

Taehyung's POV
"I'm back with some food for-" I opened the door and stopped my sentence as I watched her sleeping peacefully. I smiled to myself before entering silently. I put the food on the table and walked towards her. I admired her beautiful sleeping face. All of the sudden, I felt emotional. "Why do I feel scared all of the sudden?" I whispered as I slowly brushed her hair away to take a better look of her.

Her eyes slowly opened. She looked at me sleepily and gave me a warm smile. "Hey... You're here?" She said in a soft sleepy tone which is really cute. I nodded and get the food for her. "I'll feed you okay?" I said to her. She giggled before nodding happily. I grabbed the spoon and slowly feed her. She looks so cute... "Yah, why did you stop?" She complained as she realised I was daydreaming. "Ah mianhae..." I said before feeding her again.

After we were done, I put the plates and utensils on the table and went back to her. "You sleepy?" I asked as I saw her eyes slowly closing. She looked at me and nodded. "I'll let you sleep okay?" I said and was about to leave but she held my arm. "Hmm?" I turned to her. "Sleep with me..." She said shyly. She seemed to be hiding her blushing face.

"Wait let me put this-" I walked away but she suddenly pull me very hard, causing me to slip. She pulled me towards her so I fell on her. Our head bumped each other's and we looked at each other. "Ouch..." She said causing us to laugh for a while. "Don't go." She said as she hugged my hand tightly. "Do you really love me?" She asked all of the sudden. I nodded and smiled.

"Tomorrow you will be discharged and let's hang out for a while and we'll go back to Seoul at the next day." I told her. She nodded. "Okay... I'm gonna sleep now..." She said before yawning. "Hmm? You're sleepy?" I asked. "Yeah..." She said cutely before closing her eyes slowly. I grabbed a chair and sat beside her bed. I slowly fell asleep beside her.

I wonder what Jisoo is planning...

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