First love- Klaus imagine

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Requested: WriterGirlme
Summary: a certain death reconnects a girl with her old friends and her first love
AN: italicized text are flashbacks

Upon hearing about the death of Reginald Hargreaves, my heart ached for a moment. But only for a moment. Then I remembered the horror he put my friends through. My first instinct was to call Klaus, make sure he was okay. But you two haven't talked in years, so I called Vanya instead.

"How come they get to train and you don't?" I asked my friend who was sitting across from me

"Because they have powers and I'm just ordinary" Vanya said, disappointment lingering in her voice

"Well, they have to train so much and we can do what we want. I'm glad I'm ordinary, you should be too" I said, trying to reassure her

"Thank you, Nik"

"Nik?" Vanya asked as she answered the phone, it had been awhile since we had last talked

"Hey Van, how are you?" I asked "I heard about Reginald"

"I'm okay. I'm heading to the academy tomorrow for the funeral, are you going?" Vanya asked, secretly hoping that I'd be there so she wouldn't be alone

"I was thinking about it. I don't know, I don't want to impose" I said, unsure how to feel about seeing Klaus again

Klaus and I had been close, probably closer than I was with Vanya. Back when we were kids, I tried my best to help him cope with seeing the dead. We were best friends and as we got older we started to drift apart, especially when I started getting anonymous letters from an admirer. Last time I saw Klaus we had a small fight about the letters.

"Please Nikhad, I don't think I can handle a whole day with my siblings alone" Vanya pleaded

"I'll be there, for you. Anytime you want to leave because of Diego or something, let me know and we'll be out of there" I said "I'll meet you at the Academy"

The next day I prepared to face my old friends, the ones I haven't seen in years. I meet Vanya outside the place she once called home and we walked inside the mansion like building. The foyer was empty and we started to wonder if anyone was actually home, or if we were the first ones here.

"Vanya? Nikhad? Is it really you?" I heard Allison say in disbelief from behind us

I turned around and there was Allison as beautiful as ever. Allison was always kind when we were younger, but sadly she wasn't quite as kind to her sister. 

"It's great to see you both, it's been too long" Allison said  as she walked over to us and offered the two of us a hug

"Yeah, it has been. Is Klaus here?" I asked, half wanting to avoid him, half wanting to patch things up with him

"Saw him heading towards dad's office" Diego said as he walked past me "and what is she doing here"

"Ignore him, he's just still upset about the book. I'm going to go find Klaus, okay?" I tried to reassure Vanya after Diego was, well being Diego. Vanya nodded and I started to head towards Reginald's office. 

"Klaus! We can't just go wondering around! Your dad will get mad!" I exclaimed

"And yours won't?" Klaus asked

"Mine isn't nearly as anal- retentive and controlling as yours" I said with a smirk, still following my best friends through the house "so where are we going"

"I don't know yet. Maybe we should get some donuts" Klaus suggested

"Why is it that you always think about food?" I joked

Klaus didn't say anything

"Please tell me you're not stoned?" I pleaded

Still nothing

"You promised you'd stop getting high to cope" I stated

"You don't know what it's like, Nikhad! It's awful! I can see them and only I know about their suffering!" Klaus said, starting to tear up from all of the pain that his powers cause him.

"I know it's hard for you and I know that I don't know the full extent of how bad it gets, but I wish you would talk to me about it instead of  hiding with drugs" I said, hoping my words would get through to my friend

Klaus nodded and a few tears fell down his face so I wrapped my arms around him

"I love you Nikhad" 

I heard someone rummaging through Reginald's belongings as I got closer to his office. I knocked on the door frame to announce my arrival.

"I told you Diego, I wouldn't have to go through his things if-" Klaus stops short once he realizes that it was me and not his brother

"Hey Klaus. Long time no see"

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