How they cuddle

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Luther: before he was injected with the serum, Luther loved to cuddle with you. It didn't matter how you guys cuddled, just as long as you were close to him. But after his accident and he was injected with the serum, it took him awhile before he would be that close with you again. He was ashamed of how he looked, but you still love him no matter what and once Luther realized it, you guys were back to cuddling 24/7

Diego: cuddling with Diego meant you guys were spooning or you laid on his chest and he had a protective arm wrapped around you. Diego has lost so much, so when he found you and you decided to stay apart of his life, Diego promised himself that nothing would happen to you. Ever. He's so protective of you, even when cuddling.

Allison: you love to play with Allison's hair while you two cuddle so more often than not her head is resting on your chest and your fingers run through her hair. She finds it calming so whenever she's had a stressful day, she'll pull you close and not want to let you go.

Klaus: more often than not, you two cuddle when he's high. It's your way of keeping him out of trouble when he isn't in the right frame of mind. The two of you usually lay on your backs and Klaus will have an arm around your shoulda or waist and you'll trace shapes on his chest.

Five: five doesn't normally cuddle much and normally you have to drag him away from whatever he's doing just to cuddle with him, usually spooning. He sometimes has nightmares from his time during the apocalypse, so when he does you'll be the big spoon.

Ben: before he died you'd constantly lay with your head on his chest. He was wary at first because of the monsters in his stomach, but you trusted him. After he died, it was hard for you guys to cuddle since he's a ghost and you're not. But whenever you have a bad day he'll get close to you, as close as he can get, and it gives you a similar comfort as cuddling would.

Vanya: Vanya was pretty shy in your relationship, but she always loves cuddling with you. It doesn't matter to either of you how you guys cuddle, just as long as you guys are close.

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