Purple Rain

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I'm dancing in the purple rain.

Yearning your touch as ever before.

Don't you recognize me?

I'm your flower, your partner in crime.

Oh, how I wish this could change.

I wish you'd weren't dead. 

Your laugh would stay with me, my brother.

I'm longing for the old times, wishing we were just children.

You'd be my big brother. I'd still be your baby girl.

You know how much I love you. 

Then how could you leave me like this?

I'm staring at your grave with a perplexing affinity.

Won't you come back... be here? 

I want to see you laughing again.

I wanna be with you, my brother.  

I hope I'll see you again 

When it's raining blood at the End.

Purple Rain.

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