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Narissa: A Poetry Collection ∣✔ by bidiyakdamian
Narissa: A Poetry Collection ∣✔by ♛ Bidiya ♛
❝In the death of me, I found solace. ❞ What readers say: "Starkly honest, seeing the naked soul of your own, relishing the sorrows of being alive." "A my...
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a special type of high in hating yourself.  by NiksterWrites
a special type of high in hating y...by Nikky ♥️
Love, Sadness, Sleepless Nights and Thoughts A book of my poems. (None of the images in this book are mine except the image on the title page) #16 in sleeplessnights
  • sadness
  • suicide
  • lovepoem
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Inspiring Quotes 1 by xMin_Suga
Inspiring Quotes 1by ♡ Bɾιαɳɳα ♡
This quote book includes: Love quotes Sad quotes Emotional quotes Motivational quotes Happy quotes Wise quotes Stress/angry/frustration quotes Some random quotes that I...
  • funnyquotes
  • motivatingquotes
  • randomquotes
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Thoughts by projecthealme
Thoughtsby Project Heal Me
Just random thoughts.........
  • memory
  • poetrycontest
  • heart
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Marilyn: A Poetry Collection ∣✔ by bidiyakdamian
Marilyn: A Poetry Collection ∣✔by ♛ Bidiya ♛
❝Then out of thin air comes George Clooney. He grins a Cheshire, whisking her away into the paws of safety. ❞ What readers say: "Dryly humorous and beautifully bi...
  • words
  • feelings
  • poem
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There's More That Meets The Eye by thenamelessperson
There's More That Meets The Eyeby thenamelessperson
This collection consists of poems that addresses the problems the society and individuals face on a daily basis. They are not meant to be depressing but artistically cre...
  • deep
  • worldproblems
  • meaningful
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Howls by undiscoveredsoul_
Howlsby kirti♥🌹
•Howls of my soul.• "Letting my wolf out by penning uncertain thoughts of mine that destroy me and mend me at the same time." ~k Some poems or quotes that I be...
  • howls
  • kt
  • dreams
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Tortured Soul by Nijojo
Tortured Soulby TJ Gant
A book of poetry and prose. Find me on Facebook "Tortured Soul Artistry" to see other forms of creative expression I dabble in. Cover art is original work by...
  • wattyawards
  • love
  • prose
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you, me, and love by shesunshine
you, me, and loveby sophia
Feelings translated into words because my heart overflows with so much love for you. -shesunshine, "you, me, and love"
  • shortstory
  • poems
  • wattyspoetry
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Poetry by mellifluouswriting
Poetryby mellifluouswriting
Sadness, joy, frustration, horror, excitement, mystery, romance, drama...everything floating around through the words expressed in my poetry, captured by the two 'hardco...
  • poetry
  • wattyspoetry
  • creative
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Words that bleed by Perciaxy
Words that bleedby Perciaxy
Stabbing thoughts and pain, Negativity keeping me insane, And the only way to escape, Is to write in night late.
  • poetry
  • bizarre
  • wattys2018
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Mysterious Girl -Volume 1 Deluxe Edition by Dannibooker
Mysterious Girl -Volume 1 Deluxe E...by Danesha ✅
Mysterious--- No one where she is from, know ones her age, birthday, who her parents are or how she got here She just wonders on about her life and is obsessed with writ...
  • poetry
  • 2019
  • thrillerpoetry
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Because of her  by snapshots_of_a_fool
Because of her by snapshots_of_a_fool
Short poem about friendship
  • poem
  • wattys2014beginnersluck
  • poemaboutfriendship
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Contemplation  by 09kris
Contemplation by 09kris
LIFE, It is a messed up thing but darling so are we, High on emotions, Lost in freaking dreams, Tied up with the idea of love, LIFE IS STRANGE, IT IS A MYSTERY, A Q...
  • wattyspoetry
  • melancholy
  • love
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Rime in reason by Silent_Screams00
Rime in reasonby James_P_ Connor
~COMPLETED~ A collection of poems and quotes written in a sequence of mindless thoughts
  • collection
  • rhyming
  • reason
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True To Myself: My Trials and Tribulations While Living In The System by serenecwilliams
True To Myself: My Trials and Trib...by Serene Williams
I've always been told that I should write about all of the stuff that I've been through seeing as though I have been through a lot and I have seen a lot. I am near to be...
  • system
  • wattys2019nonfiction
  • unlimitedpride
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here hides my insanity by saumyaasaurabh
here hides my insanityby Saumya Saurabh
i hid it well. but now it is for you to see as i lay bare with just one layer of poetry Cover by jas-the-bookie.
  • wattpad
  • anxiety
  • love
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A poets Journey-book 1 by Dannibooker
A poets Journey-book 1by Danesha ✅
Lisa's life had been hard for her since her father dies but when she discovers he left an inheritance she decides to takes things to another level and bring her fathers...
  • poetry
  • wattyspoetry
  • 2019
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Let Me Go (coming soon 2019-2020) book 2 by Dannibooker
Let Me Go (coming soon 2019-2020)...by Danesha ✅
It's been awhile since my dad died and now I do not what to do. I thought I got over it but obviously not. what I am supposed to do.
  • wattyspoetry
  • poetry
  • letmego
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