Chapter 5

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I knocked on the door twice, "It's Hatake, may I come in?"

"Yes you may." The door opened from the inside and I got in to the office.
"What brings you here, little Hatake?" The hokage asked playfully, with his chin rested on his hands crosses under his chin. I pulled up the cat that I hid behind me holding him at his back by his skin, showing him the cat.

"Where did you found that?" He asked.

"On my way here, I found this strayed cat somewhere rampaging randomly on the streets. The villagers got annoyed by it so I thought I could bring it here having the thought you somehow know who's it's owner of this cat. And by that, this cat won't annoy anyone again."

"Hmm.." he hummed before picking up a scroll for lost pets, I guess.
"Nobody's searching for a cat who is like that."

"So that means, I could keep him instead, right?"

The hokage reached for his chin and rubbed it by his hand as a chuckle escaped from his mouth.
"You should tell this to Kakashi for permission first that you're keeping a pet as your new playmate so you'll never feel alone in your home when your father's out."

"Then that means I could keep it?" I asked again without any excitement about the decision, keeping my look away from him as I also keep the bored cat hanging in the air that I was holding.

He took a pen out of the tube, "Lets give your pet a license then.."

I turns my face to him, "A License?" a permit from an authority to own or use something?

"So that if your cat got lost, we'll find it immediately and no one will attempt to claim your cat as their own. So, what will you name for your cat?" He asked.

Name? I didn't thought of anything like that might needed. Let's see, I'll name him to one of the character in the anime I just watched yesterday. The guy in blue shirt and the pet he has named..

"I want to name him, Pikachu!"

"hmm?" He hummed in question, "That was long, Miki. Think some other name. Animals can only remember its name in two syllables." the hokage informed.

"Eh? Is that so? but I still want my cat to be named 'pikachu'."

"Why not name your cat 'chuchu'?" suggested one of the Hokage's adviser who's sitting on the left hand of the hokage, the one with her hair pulled back in a bun locked with a traditional style hairpin.

"Well, Chuchu wasn't that bad." I thought over, "Okay it's decided, that'll be his name."
The three of them laughed upon my sudden decision.

"Doesn't need a tons of words. She's easy to be convinced." stated the one who's eyes were behind glasses.

the hokage was done with his laughing, "Okay, I'll hereby name him chuchu." He says as he writes something on his table.

I carried Chuchu in my arms from just holding him on his back, single handed. "Anyway, what do you want from me then?" I asked, recalling from my real reason why I went all the way here alone.

"I'll talk to your dad about this and he agrees to it, but as you can see, I'm a very busy man. I miscalculated the time that I think I could have that's why I called you up. I'll send two or three shinobi to pick you up on your home. Don't go anywhere, just stay inside your house."

"Un!" I nodded. "Got it."
The door opened in force all of a sudden, I turned to look back to who just entered with such an entrance

"Tora!!" She mentioned happily.

I tilts my head in question with a question mark pops out of my head, same do to Chuchu who's in my arms.
The lady ran to me and she snatched Chuchu from me and me was like, I just quietly looked at my arms that carries chuchu recently in wonder like where the hell did he gone. I shook my head reluctantly then look at the woman who grabbed my cat.

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