Chapter 23- Bad dreams?

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Hayes POV:

Right now I was in the kitchen making me and Livy some grilled cheese, Livy was mucking around with Nash in the Living room. All you heard was the two of them screaming and laughing, wrestling round on the floor or something stupid like that.

I put the grilled cheese sandwiches on the plate and went in to the fridge to get us some Arazonia. I took the drinks and grilled cheese into the living room, where I saw Nash was sitting on Livy's stomach.

"Nash get off you fat ass!" she yelled shoving him off of her, Nash just laughed taking a seat on the chouch. I laughed placing the food and drink on the table, Livy got off the floor and took a seat next to me on the couch.

"Yum the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever made by the one and only Hayes Grier" Livy eyed the plate quickly before she grabbed it and but one of the four grilled cheese between her teeth. I laughed at how hungry she was.

"Did I really starve you that bad?" I looked at her funny. There was no way she could say anything with all the food in her mouth so she just nodded her head. I chuckled and turned my head to Nash who was sitting next to her, without Liv realising Nash snatched a grilled cheese of her plate. She soon realised that it was gone and she looked straight at Nash, knowing that he took it.

She gave him the death glare shaking her head, slapping him.

"Ow what?, let me have some please!" He begged.

"Ugh fine you fattie" she rolled her eyes, Nash helping himself to another.

Nash's POV:

We had all finished eating dinner now, I shared dinner with Livy since I begged her too. Hayes and Sky shared dinner, now we were sitting on the couch watching T.V shows since it was ten now.

Everyone had gone quiet now after dinner, Sky was curled up into my side, Livy way lying on Hayes stomach. They were like the cutest couple I have seen for a while, to be honest if she was a few years older I would date her. Better not say anything incase Hayes throws a fit at me for talking bout his girl.

I focused back to Sky and saw mum walk over to me, "Nash can you put Sky to bed for me tonight when she falls asleep" She stood there tired from her long hours of work.

"Sure mom, go get some sleep night" I smiled as she walked upstairs.

I looked back down and Sky was fast asleep in my chest, lucky mom put Sky's pajamas on before she came down. I looked back at Livy and Hayes who were both deep watching the T.V , I picked Sky up getting ready to take her upstairs.

"Hayes I'm taking Sky to bed and I'll be in my room talking to Alexis.." I said quietly, he just nodded before I carried Sky up to her room.

Let's hope Sky doesn't have a bad dream tonight.

Livy's POV:

I saw Nash carry Sky upstairs to her room and she was fast asleep. Nash and Hayes have been saying that Sky has had a lot of nightmares lately and that they have all had to wake up late at night, I felt sorry for them all.

"Hayes can we go up to your room, it's getting cold" I snaked my arms round his neck.

"Sure let's go bub" I rolled off the couch, followed by Hayes. We took another Arizonia from the fridge before we ran upstairs to his room shutting the door quietly. He tackled me on the bed lying over me holding himself up on his elbows.

"Now now Grier, don't get to touchy" I reminded him that we're only fifteen.

"Yea yea shut up I know" he was embarrest.

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