19. So Annoying...

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*Mitch's POV*

Finally, Jerome. FINALLY YOU COME. It felt like I was waiting for him for eternity.

It probably felt like such a long wait because there was this guy trying to start a conversation with me. He was acting really cocky and was trying to tell me how strong and incredibly good looking he was. I think his name was Ryan.

I was so happy when Jerome finally came into the bus, it would give me an excuse not to talk to this guy and talk to Jerome instead.

"What took you so long dood?" I asked.

"The stupid principal just couldn't let our table go first, could she?" He made a pouty face and crossed my arms.

I laughed and said. "Well at least you're here now."

"Yup." He looked out the window as the bus was about to go.

As we got to the stop light I peeked back over at Jerome. I almost burst out laughing at what I saw. He took his pillow out from his packed suitcase and was lying his head and pillow on the side of the window. His face was practically buried into it and I saw little strings of drool coming out of his mouth.

I started looking around in my backpack until I finally found my iPod Touch. I took a quick picture with my head against his head as I made a funny face. I would show it to Jerome when we were at the campsite.

I looked to the right of me and saw that Ryan was staring at me. I was kinda freaked out and wanted him to stop. So I gently tapped his shoulder and he sprung back to life from the 'stare down'.

"O-oh um, hey there cutie." He said all sweet like trying to regain his focus.

"Um, could you stop staring at my friend and I? We're just trying to have a good time..." I looked back at Jerome and heard soft snoring.

"If you call sleeping a good time then I would love to join! Plus we're also cabin buddies." He smiled and I froze in place.

"Woah, whoa, whoa, there. Lemme check." I felt around the pockets of my drake blue skinny jeans and found my cabin paper.

I took it out and looked at it. He was right. As clear as day, his name was posted right under mine.

I looked at him and tried to put on a smile. "I guess we are..." I nervously chuckled. I folded up the paper and stuffed it back into my jean's front pocket.

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