Textbook Love (Merome) by amberstars
Textbook Love (Merome)by potato queen
Mitchell Hughes has always loved math. The objective nature of the subject, and the rules that leave no room for error. Nothing can go wrong when you know what you're do...
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WereJerome (Merome FanFic) by PhinalynaDeadcraft
WereJerome (Merome FanFic)by Cosmonaut WoofMiss
Mitch is worried about the way Jerome's been acting. Getting fedup with it he leave on the night of the full moon even though Jerome tries to stop him. Mitch gets lost i...
  • army
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Lost Light  by Spacezii
Lost Light by Sweet Traveler Boyo
Since the "Event" 16 years ago, Gardenen has been left in darkness.Not only in crime,the poor and brutal order to keep it in check,but in the actual "sky...
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One shot book (Requests closed) (Ships&more) (BoyXBoy) by MinecraftModders
One shot book (Requests closed) ( MinecraftModders
Just a book of tons of one shots with all different ships (8th book written) *bajanlox *sketo *huskylox *asfCanadian/merome *bajanmu/bajanuniverse *munchinguniverse *po...
  • skymu
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Merome Smutt by DankEnderman
Merome Smuttby DankEnderman
Merome Butt Sex
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Leaving Me Breathless (Merome) by _Kayle_
Leaving Me Breathless (Merome)by kay
-a sequel to All I Want For Christmas- a merome fanfiction
  • mitchhughes
  • bajancanadian
  • jeromeasf
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Captain Aceti  /  air (BEING EDITED ATM) by ck-binge
Captain Aceti / air (BEING evelyn
My vision quickly grew blurry and darkness began consuming me rapidly. "Bring them back to the base, strip them of their weapons, etcetera. You know the routine.&qu...
  • deadlox
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Endstone: Merome One Shot by amberstars
Endstone: Merome One Shotby potato queen
They took off... together. He landed in the Endstone. Alone.
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