Confused ❤️

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Nikki's Pov

I was thinking did John tell her something did he tell her to be nice to me ? Because if he did I will be so mad !

She got up and went downstairs to find Randy and Brie in the balcony looking out into the water but no John she kept looking around and couldn't find him she stood in the middle of the hall way wondering where he could be ! When suddenly two huge arms wrapped around her waist and kissed her neck !

Nikki: Mmm I was looking for you !

John: Really ? What for ?

Nikki: I wanted to know if you talked to Ashley about me ?

John: No why ?

Nikki: When I woke up she was sitting next to me and then she hugged me and thanked me for what I got her in Paris ! Then she said she couldn't wait to wear them so I said we would go to dinner she could wear them right now and I would do her hair and she said yes and hugged me again !

John: Wow no well okay I said you bought her that but that I didn't think she deserved it because of what she said to you and that's all oh and I said I was disappointed in her !

Nikki: Okay well let's see how long this will last and she doesn't call me lady anymore ! So that's a plus ?

John: Yeah don't worry baby she's starting to warm up to you !

Nikki: I hope so !

Up stairs Ashley is on the phone with Kelly !

Ashley: Hi mommy !

Kelly: Hi sweetie how's San Diego ?

Ashley: It's nice I like my room and Nicole bought me a dress and some shoes and earring when she was in Paris with daddy !

Kelly: Are you being nice to her ?

Ashley: A little I said thank you and I'm pretending to be nice but in front of daddy !

Kelly: Okay that's a good girl !

Ashley: I miss you !

Kelly: I miss you too !

Ashely: When can it be me you and daddy !!

Kelly: When Nicole breaks up with daddy I promise it will be just the three of us !

Ashley: Okay I love you mommy !!

Kelly: I love you to princess !!

They hang up and John walks in !

John: Who were you talking to ?

Ashley: My mommy !

John: Okay Nikki told me to tell you that when you're done showering to go into her dressing room down stairs !

Ashley: Okay daddy

He walks in hugs her and kisses the top of her head !

John: Thank you !

Ashley: For what daddy ?

John: For being nice to Nicole ! It really means a lot to her and more to me !

Ashley: I'm sorry for what I said I wasn't thinking and I feel like she's taking you away from me !

John: She's not I love her and I love you too I love you both equally !!

Ashley: What about my mommy ?

John: We used to have a deep love but people change and life gets in the way ! When we divorced I was so sad ! And then about 2 months later I met Nikki well I didn't meet her because I had known her since 2008 but we never really talked until one day when your mom was long gone we talked got to know each other better and we fell in love

Ashely: Oh that's sweet !

John: I do love you mom I love her for giving me the best present ever and that's you and I love Nicole for giving me the gift of being able to love again !

Ashley: I won't be mean to her anymore

John: Thank you !!

She smiled and he steps out of the room

Ashley's Pov

Has my mom been lying to me or is daddy lying to me to make Nikki look good ? I'm so confused !!

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