Chapter nineteen

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Get ready for the crying kids 😁😁 and the povs will be switching throughout the whole chapter yay👍🏾 If you wanna imagine a hotel room here's one ☝️ 

David's pov: 

As soon as we made it into the room I pinned Shynia to the door slamming my lips on hers electing a moan from both of us. Pulling away from her I breathed lowly staring into her eyes 

"God babe i wanna make love to you so bad right now" I whispered hearing her whimper making me growl hungrily. Pulling her to the bed I quickly kissed her neck slowly pulling down her dress. 

"David" she whimpered making my already hard dick even harder coming up I bit her neck making sure to bite into her sensitive area making her moan. 


I need to pray. 

Cause the thoughts going through my mind right now....Jesus would be ashamed.....he probably is 

I shivered as David unhooked my bra still biting and licking at my neck as he palmed my breasts pinching my nipple between two of fingers making me throw my head back at the sensation 

"You have no idea how bad I wanna ravish you right now baby" he said turning me 

I was still in a daze 

Grabbing me he walked me to a bed laying me down gently on the bed. H estates at me his eyes full of lust as he looked me over 

"So fucking beautiful" he muttered before removing his tie 

I blushed going to cover myself "you better fucking not" he demanded making me stop immediately 

Damn lusty David is dominate David...........I fucking love it.......but he's going way to slow for this bitch 

Groaning I sat up probably startling him before ripping his shirt open making him gawk at me 

"Your going to fucking slow" I muttered rubbing my hands down his abs 

He smirked pulling me up and kissing me groping my ass making me gasp which he took at vantage of by sticking his tongue in my mouth making me moan 

David's pov: 

I moaned in her mouth her feeling her ass in my hands. Pulling away I watched her dazed eyes trail down my body making me smirk pushing her back I unzipped my pants pulling em down probably not to cutely (lol) and pulling my boxers down feeling my dick spring free I sighed in relief at the freedom as he stood proud 

Shynia pov :  

Bitch no 

David's pov: 

I almost laughed at Shynias expression as my not so little mini me stood proud pointing at shynias head.......yea he knew exactly what he wanted 

"Bitch no what the fuck is that monstrosity" shynia sputtered getting up kinda crawling away from me "you are not sticking that into me no way in hell bitch I've never seen a dick that big and I've watched a lot of porn" 

I could see why she was scared I mean I'm a good solid 11.5 inches.......yes I know I'm blessed

I smiled crawling on top of her gripping her hips and pulling her onto me 

"It'll fit baby  I'll make it" I muttered "now let's get these panties off huh" 

Sliding down I tricked my fingers down her silk panties over her sex making her shiver "you feel so wet already damn baby" rubbing her thighs i pulled them up putting my head between her legs I licked her pantie covered sex and reveled in the sound of her moans. 

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