Chapter twelve

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"A real man will love every single inch of his woman"- unknown

*David's pov same night going to put a shirt on*

Laughing I stepped inside nias room. Her parents were hillaiours especially her mom, god now I see we're she gets it from. 

"Damnit where's my shirt"I asked myself walking around her room trying to find where u threw my shirt suddenly being interrupted by my phone. Picking it up I answered it not checking the caller I.D 

"David" hearing that voice sent me into a state of shock 

"Edin" I asked very unsure "why the fuck are you calling, when did you even get my number"

"David you need to come to the hospital" she said making me even more shocked 

"Why what's going on" finally finding my shirt hurriedly putting it on I looked around for my shoes 

" had a heart attack" 

"I'm on my way" hanging up I put my shoes on heading out hurriedly saying good bye to everyone. Making my way towards my car I passed Amar saying hello and goodbye to him. 

"Keys keys where are my keys" searching my pockets I found my keys getting into my car I left. 

I was still in a state of shock I Haden's talked to lily in months her or my mother and father. We were never close so her knowing my number and calling me was very unexpected. Hearing my mother had a heart attack was shocking in itself she had great health but you know what they say the unexpected always happens. 

Realization dawned on me "fuck I don't even know what hospital to go" I'm such a dumb ass. Re dialing the number (I know it's unsafe sue me) I found out what hospital and sped there...probably breaking a few laws but you know who cares. 

FINALLY making it to the hospital I found a parking spot which was difficult as fuck and made my way inside.

"Hi yes miss I'm here to see a Maria Baker can you tell me where she's located please" I asked the lady at the front desk. Watching her push up her boobs....if you could even call them that 

"Mm yes are you of kin sir"she asked biting her lip....good god she need so,e chap stick.....and what is that green shit in her teeth.

Cringing I answered "yes I'm  her son can you please tell me what room she's in now" 

Checking her computer she gave me the room finally "you know handsome you should call me I could....make it worth ur while" I think I just threw up in my mouth

"Actually no I'm good I'm not single and even if I was I still wouldn't go for you" walking away i made my way to my mothers room. Trying desperately to rid my self of that awkward experience. 

"David" heading my name being called I turned around to find Edin running after me "Your here I didn't think you'd come" opening my mouth to retort she cut me off "anyway come on let's go she's this way" following after her I realized Shynia's really rubbed off on me cause as soon as she interrupted me I wanted to slap her good god.  Stoping right out side the door I felt a lil panic it's been so long. Opening the door we walked inside the first thing I saw was my mother then I looked towards my father of course he's here fuck. 

"Mom dad David's here" lily said heading towards our mom. 

"Mom hey how are you doing" asking this I walked towards her completely ignoring my father. 

Taking my hand she spoke "oh David it's been so long sweety I missed you so much" 

"Yes mom I know but I asked how are you doing" I asked again trying not to come off as to harsh.

She sighed "im doing fine darling"

"Yes because having a heart attack is you being fine" I scoffed 

"Watch your mouth David" warned my father finally talking "your mother is ill and this is how you act"

"It's fine dear I really appreciate you coming David" my mother said making me feel a little guilty 

"No I'm sorry mom ...I'm just worried is all" I sighed 

"I'll be fine"she laughed "I don't look that bad do I hun"

"No no of course not you still look as gorgeous as ever Mom" which was true my mother was an amazing looking women even now and my father well he was handsome ( that really hurt to say)and my sister well she was just beautiful. 


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"Thank you sweety" she said yawning "I think I'm gonna head off to bed now darling thank you for coming" she kissed my cheek laying down instantly king to sleep 

I sighed standing up getting read to leave 

"So your just gonna leave" asked my dad in a disapproving tone 

"I'll be back tomorrow" I said not even turning around I didn't need to have this discussion with him 

"And we're are you going huh" he asked again

"I don't see how it's any of your business" I stated growing angry 

"I'm your father" he growled 

"Last time I checked we're not wearwolfs stop growling and if you must I'm heading to my girlfriends house to cuddle father" I sassed.....yea she's deffin rubbing off on me 

"Your dating" Edin asked shocked 

"Yes now if you plz I need to get back to her I know she's worried" opening the door I al,let made it out before I was stopped 

"Bring her with you tomorrow" my father dared to say to me 

"Hm well see" closing the door I made my out and to my home 


I wonder why David and his family aren't so close 

What caused his moms heart attack 

And what was that lady's teeth 🧐

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