Chapter nine

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 "Real women. Are fat. And thin. And both,and neither, and otherwise"- Hanne Blank 

It had been three days since me and David started going on dates and everything has been right with the world. But Mother Nature decided to be a bitch. 

"I'm cramping like a bitch" I whined turning over on my bed. Yes lady's and gentlemen he decided to show up to day and ruin my whole fucking day, I couldn't even get out of bed ain't that some shit, and I got work today uhhh.

"Bitch you late get the fuck up" busting in my room Amar pauses seeing the position I was in "shit it's that time" nodding my head I clenched my teeth 

"Well shit you gone call in you know you can't go to work you get motion sickness" saying this he came over to my bed rubbing my back 

"Yea fuck he couldn't wait to my day off man I feel like shit" sighing I turned around to face him "can you give me my phone plz I have to call David" 

"Ight I'll leave you alone call me if you need anything  I gots to go to work bye boo love you"

"Love you" kissing my cheek he left 

Scrooling through my contacts I found Future baby daddy😏💜🍆 (yes that's his  contact don't judge) and clicked on call, after a few rings he answered. 

"Your late" bitch I know that's not how you greet ppl rolling my eyes i contemplated hanging up- nope the money think about the money. 

"I'm well aware of that David thank you" 

"Why are you late" 

"I've gotta call in" hearing shuffling I assumed he was moving around 

"And why is that" I could just smell the bordem in his voice it was making me mad 

"I'm on my period" I deadpanned hearing him choke I laughed my ass off instantly regretting it when I felt a hard cramp. 

"Uh uhm Yes well are you ok" I knew he was blushing and I cooed cause that was so cute 

"I'm cramping like a bitch and craving fruit with cookies and cream ice cream (A/N: I actually do craze this)every time I get up I get dizzy and nauseas I'll be able to come in tomorrow but today is just impossible I'm sorry" Although I was hoping I didn't have to come in tomorrow either 👀

"No no ummm you take as long as you need" Yes bitch yes "how long will you be out" 

"Umm 4 days maybe 5" I was never sure he's a bitch likes to do what he wants

"Ok ok I can work with that" he paused probably typing something or whatever idk don't care " do you like need anything" he asked unsure I Awwed that was cute. 

"You don't have to leave work for me boo I'll be fine"

"Is Amar there?" He questioned in the couple of days we've been going on dates him and Amar have been getting also good very well that I'm so glad about, because if besfrann didn't like him then well that was gone be a problem. 

"No he has work today" by now I was laying in feeble position and my stomach was growling 

"Them I'm coming over I can hear you in pain and I can also hear you stomach growling" rolling my eyes I knew he was right I was in a lot of pain " so I'm coming over give me like 15 I need to go and get you some to eat cause I know that's not good for your cramps and is that all?" He's so damn sweet Jesus why you bless my sinning ass. 

"Yes but for real David you don't need to come who's gonna run the bakery while your away" 

"Tony will he is the manager I only come to show my face and do interviews nia besides I gotta keep my eyes on a certain choclatw lady" blushing I told him to hurry up before saying our good byes. 

(Time skip)

Heading knocking I shot awake scrambling to answer the door. Opening I saw a smiling David holding a bag of McDonald's, a Walmart shopping bag, and a pizza. 

"Thank you Jesus for this man" putting my head up in a praying symbol I took the food out his hands making my way back to my room already feeling nauseas. 

Laughing he made his way inside "I see your happy to see me or maybe the food"

"Maybe both" biting into a slice of pizza I moaned "cheese pizza the best pizza yes lord" 

"Thank god I had no idea what kind u liked but u seemed like a cheese kinda girl" by now I was already on my 3rd peace of pizza 

"What's in the rest of the bags" grabbing the bags I payed them on my bed looking up at him I saw him standing in my door "are you not gonna come in?"

"Sorry I've never been in hear before" making his way inside he sat down on my bed next to me "I brought lots of stuff some fruits, and chocolate cause I remember you told me you love it, some fruit snacks, popcorn , and 2 double bacon cheeseburgers with 2 large fries" I could feel my mouth watering 

"Your fucking amazing" he blushed making me laugh 

"I mean what are boyfriends for babe" nigga 😑

"When did you become my boyfriend I don't remember you asking sir" popping a fruit roll up in my mouth I sucked on it smirking at him. 

"Well I'm asking now Shynia Jennin Rogers will you become my official girl friend?" 

"Of fucking course if you thought you were getting away from me your surely mistaken" laughing he layed down next to me putting his head on my stomach. 

Grabbing my remote I turned my tv on "so you stay in for awhile" 

"Yep just until Amar is back and maybe a like a lil bit after that if u want"he said getting comfortable 

"Well then sir what would you like to watch I have Netflix and all the cartoons in the world" I yelled excitedly 

"You choose my love"snuggling on my stomach he bit into his burger 

"Cartoons it is then" clicking on the loud house "now give me some more food peasant"


I know it's short sorry guys 😖

But there official now yayy

I base most of her cravings and symptoms off my self ik I go threw hell 

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