Chapter eleven

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"What she tackles, she conquers"-unknown

"Mom...." staring shocked at the door I found my mom and my dad standing in my door way with the biggest smiles on there face . 

"And dad don't forget about dad" tackling me in a hug my dad kissed my cheek heading inside as though did my mom with plastic bowls? Rushing after them I followed them into the kitchen 

"Oh my god Shynia you literally have no food in here" my mom said looking in my cabinets with disgust

"Eh Janet leave the poor girl alone this is her place" plopping down on my couch he grabs my remote switching my tv on 

"Yet you say this dad as you take over my loving room" laughing he ignored me of course....🙄 

"Exactly Earl ole sack of bones now come over here sugar and give mama a hug" smiling I made my over to my mom "it's been so long you haven't talked to us in forever, you know we're to damn old to be chasin yo around tryna found what you doin" 

"So I assume you called Amar then" rolling my eyes I watched her nod her head "and your not old ma your very beautiful" which was true my mom and dad looked amazing for there age there was no doubt about that . 

"And you know it sugah" she said kissing my cheek "now help me get all this stuff" stopping abruptly she stared at something behind me I turned around coming face to face with David's naked chest

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"And you know it sugah" she said kissing my cheek "now help me get all this stuff" stopping abruptly she stared at something behind me I turned around coming face to face with David's naked chest....well shit 

"Um so sorry I just heard voices and uh came to see what was going on" rubbing the back of his neck a blush came on his cheeks 

"Omg David I'm soo sorry I totally forgot you were here" turning to face my mom she was still looking at David with her mouth open 

"Why's it so quiet wats" spoke my dad stoping also looking at David with his mouth open 

"Mom dad umm this is my boyfriend David" gesturing towards David I pulled his hand in mine still looking at my shocked parents. My mom was the first to revive 

"Oh my good gracious look at you" shoving me over (ok rude) she hugged Favud who I could tell was having a hard time breathing "you feel so strong good lord these abs this back such a strong one huh" 

"Mom!" I shrieked in horror 

"What you did good reaaaal good Earl close yo mouth and come say hi to yo future son in law" motioning my dad over she finally realized David making him take a huge breath in. 

Walking over my dad shook hands with David and introduced himself" names Earl you can call me earl non of that sir shit I ain't old you got that boy" nodding his head David I could tell was still in so,e kind of trance 

"Weeeelp mom dad I think it's time for you let my man go now ok" prying in between them both more specifically my mom wrapped my arms around David's chest 

"Y'all so damn cute omg but let me put this food up before it spoils" winking she rushed back towards my fridge stuffing it with food once again 

"Yea....Imma go finish my game lord knows how long it took with all those cartoon channels" rolling his eyes he made his way back in my living room leaving me and David semi alone 

"I'm so sorry" I whispered " I didn't know they were coming they just showed up I'm"cutting my rambling off he kissed me making all thoughts fly out my head 

Breaking the kiss he spoke laughing "it's completely fine my love just you know wish I had a shirt on" 

"Yea why don't you have a shift on by the way...not that I'm complaining" licking my lips I looked him up and down no I was not complaining one bit jesus 

"I thought Amar was home you know" in he span of time he's been coming to my house he's gotten very comfortable with Amar and Amar him so I wasn't suprised he didn't come out dressed thinking it was him 

"Ahhhh he should be coming home soon though, but until then shirt on now go" pushing him back to my room I watched him leave.....lord what a sight 

"Shit I know you my child ya lil nasty act just like me" laughing I faced my mom 

"Yes mam a you know it" sticking out my tongue I left my mom and sat down next to my dad who was watching foot ball yay "I swear that's all you ever watch"

"Nope I watch basketball too" 

"Good point good point"

Watching David come in I was confused to see him fully dressed 

"I'm sorry babe I have so,e things i need to take care of I'll call you ok" kissing ,y cheek he hurriedly walked to the door "bye earl bye miss Janet sorry I had the leave so soon" and then he was gone 

"Well he side was in a rush" commented dad turning back to his game 

"Yea he sure was" I sighed now what was I gone do this shit is boring 

"I'm hoooooooome" this bitch watching Amar walk in I felt kinda relevied "omg is that daddy Earl and mama Janet"

"Hello Amar" dad said rolling his eyes with a smile 

"Hey baby" yelled my mom from the kitchen....why is she still in there "I'm cooking you want some" questioned answered I see 

"You know it" plopping down next to me he kissed my cheek "hey boo I saw David on my way up here looked like he was in a hurry you know what's up" 

Shaking my head I made a mental note to ask about it later. 

"Mm so Amar you knew bout mister never wears a shirt"

Amar busted out laughing nodding his head 

"David's cool pops I like him and he treats her right you know if he didn't I'd have his ass" 

Amar and my dad had a great relationship like father and son we were like family. So if He said he liked him then my dad had to like him he trusted Amar with his soul. I thought it was cute. 

"Good good you know the family reunions coming up soon right I want him there and I was not askin" he told me sternly telling me there was no way I was getting out of it 

"Wateva daddy well be there" 

"Good you better" 

"Alright foods done bring your asses and eat" 


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