Chapter ten

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(Picture really had no meaning just thought I'd bless you guys with abs as a sorry for not posting 😘 enjoy)

"Dream big, little girl"- Enchanting quotes 

It had been a couple of weeks and I was now off my period (thank you Jesus) me and David had been spending a lot of time together now that we're officially together, we even announced it to the guys at work.


"Fuck I'm so nervous what if they hate me oh my god what if they think I'm sleeping with you to get a raise" I gasped in horror

"No ones going to think that nia"he rolled his eyes "now come one I wanna get this over with so we can get to work then go home and cuddle"

"Nasty" walking out I could feel my hands sweat I really hope they except us. 

Gathering everyone together I looked over at David waiting for him to say it (cause I'm not). Making him roll his eyes (I hope them bitches get stuck)

"Ok guys we have some news"

"She's pregant oh my god I knew you guys were fuckin I just fucking knew" Kat yelled interrupts David. 

I looked at her in horror "Fuck no what the hell we're dating where in yo lesbian ass mind did you get that ludicrous ass idea" 

Blushing she looked away "I mean y'all be acting so secretive and I just thought" she mumbled 

"Wait so you guys are like dating dating" asked Tony 

"Yep we're official" talking my hand David raises it up kissing it making me blush( corny ass bitch 🙄😊) 

"Yes" fist pumping the air he turned to Max and Herman who I now call H cause come on nigga don't look nothing like a Herman. " run me my money people" Groaning they both handed him 20 bucks 

"You bitches bet on us" 

"Ofc we did not everyday boss calls off of work and you were gone on that same day I knew what was going on those to idiots are just plain dumb" 

Rolling my eyes I i eyed Kat who Haden's said anything in awhile " you bet to?"

"Fuck no I'm not that dumb" laughing I felt relieved that no one had a problem with it and I could tell David did too

"Alright guys lets get to work"

*end of flashback* 

Now I'm not one to brag buuuuut a bitch got the best boyfriend in the whole damn world ok. He's so sweet and he's always bringing me food I mean what could be better then that like fr. He ain't got no problem showing me off take last week for example. 

*flashback numero two" 

Walking around the mall I was having a great time me and hubby were just walking around checking out shops and eating pretzels ,cinnamon pretzels bitch gods perfect creation. 

" I can't believe you've never had one of theses before" I shrieked taking another bite of my delicious pastry 

"I can't either it's fucking gooood" he moaned .......bitch

"Did- did you just moan" i think my panties just got a lil wet 👀 

"Yes yes I did" nodding he acted like he didn't just fuck a bitch up "oooo how bout that store" looking over at where he was pointing I almost slapped him 

"You nasty bitch what in the hell do I need from victorious secret" rolling my eyes I started to walk away 

"I'll buy you all the underwear you want from there love" making me turn around real quick smirking he knew he had got me

"I should've never told you I had a weakness for lace bras" 

"You really shouldn't have" grumbling i stomped inside dragging him with me "ok sooooo go get some stuff and try it on u wanna look at every single one" kissing my cheek he shooed me away 

If this bitch don't, uhhhh I swear to god he ain't seein shit. Walking around I found a couple of things. Making my way back to wear I last saw David I saw him talking to two red head bimbos. Rolling my eyes I walked over shoving them out my way.

"I'm ready" looking at me David silently thanked me with his eyes making me smile (that's right bitches I save butches and shit.....I gotta stop eating so much sugar 😑) 

"Excuse me we where talking" red head  number 1 said this bitch sounds like a wheezle on drugs she need some help

"Well now your done" 

"I'm sorry but who are you to decide" red head  number 2 said making me laugh these bitches so damn dumb 

"I'm his bitch...bitch" 

Laughing they looked at me like I was crazy "that's not true right handsome" 

"Actually that's very true" laughing at there shocked faces I took his hand heading to the back 

"Now if you'll excuse me lady's we have sexy bras to try on toodles"

*end of flashback*

He's honestly such a good person and I care for him so much I honestly hope we last. 

"I swear your always spacing out when we're together" David laughed lifting his head up from my lap 

"Sorry babe" kissing his head "what you tryna do" 

Opening his mouth he began to talk being cut off by a knock on my front door 

"Shit hold on" lifting off me I got up making my way out towards the door. Opening it I was shocked to see....


I know it's been long I'm so sorry my darlings 

Another chapter will be coming later today 

Good bye gummy's 

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