~ Chapter 2 ~

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~Sebastian's POV~

When I went to wake Master Ciel from his slumber I found his bed empty, I rushed to his study, but he was not there either. I went to Cecilia's room; her bed was empty too. I decided to check the kitchen, but upon descending the stairs I spotted them in the middle of the ballroom, dancing. Cecilia glowed as she danced, she was swift and lithe and had perfect grace, balance, and poise, she came alive when she danced. Ciel kept up with her pace, he stumbled through the dance but soon caught on to the steps and moved swiftly. He was smiling.

I spotted Mey-Rin, Bard and Finnian watching the pair dance with stars in their eyes. The dance ended and the two fell on their backs on the marble floor, laughing. Ciel was laughing, I'd never heard him laugh before, not like this. Cecilia wrapped her arms around the boy as she sat up.

"Very good, Ciel, you're a marvelous dancer."

Ciel beamed up at the girl, "Could you teach me a different dance?"

Cecilia smiled, "Perhaps after breakfast, I'm a little tired."

Ciel nodded with enthusiasm, he looked like the child he should be; a child momentarily unaffected by sorrow and hatred, he looked happy and young and hopeful.

"Good morning, Sir Sebastian." Cecilia smiled at me from the floor.

I swept her a bow and offered her my arm. "Good morning, my lady."

Her delicate hand gripped my arm and I pulled her to her feet and led her to the dining room. Ciel was thoughtful as he took his seat.

"What is it, dear brother?" Cecilia pondered.

"I wish people could see you dance." Ciel murmured.

Cecilia laughed her melodic laugh, "Why is that dear brother?"

"You radiate life when you dance."

Cecilia smiled, "I'm afraid I don't have the stamina to be a dancer. But it is enough for me that my dancing can bring joy to you, brother."

Ciel was thoughtful again and beckoned me forward. I knelt beside his chair. "I want you to find the best doctor you can and bring him here no matter the cost I want her looked at." He whispered so Cecilia couldn't hear.

She sighed upon seeing our secrecy. "You wouldn't be whispering about your dear sister, would you Ciel?"

"Yes." He stated simply as I turned to leave.

"Sir Sebastian, whatever my dear brother has asked you to do in accordance to me, disregard it, I need nothing."

"Forgive me, Lady Cecilia, but I have my orders."

I returned to the manor several hours later with a doctor who specialized in this sort of case. Cecilia greeted us at the gate, her piercing blue eyes stopping the doctor in his tracks with a dark look, I didn't think the girl capable of.

"Are you sick, Sir Sebastian, that you needed a doctor?" She asked.

"No, my lady, Ciel requested I bring him for you."

Cecilia glared at the doctor. "Leave, I have no use for you."

Why was she so cold towards the man? There wasn't a trace of a smile on her lips not a bit of joy in her eyes I saw only a deep brooding hatred in her piercing gaze as she stared the man down.

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