When I opened my eyes my vision was blurry and all I could see was white, Am I Dead? I blinked a few times to clear my vision, and then sat up a small headache building up in the back of my head. I looked over to see Ethan staring at me, concern and worry printed all over his Angel-like face. His shirt was torn and his wings were no longer there, Sweat dripped from the ends of his black hair and drifted down his muscular shoulders. On his cheek he had a small cut. 'Ethan?' I mumbled, trying to stand up, a sharp pain developed in my stomach and I winced, coughing a little.

'Oh Paige.' Ethan let out a sigh of relief. “I thought I was too late.”

He smiled. I looked down at my stomach and my shirt was also ripped, the rip ended just below my bra. I noticed a light pink scar next to my belly button; I traced my finger lightly over it, pulling it back immediately-It stung.

I looked around the corridor, It looked like the apocalypse happened, black feathers and blood covered most of the floor and walls and the lockers were torn off of the walls. I wanted to get up and get out of here before a hall monitor grasses us up and we'll have to pay for damages. 'What happened?' I asked, slowly trying to stand up with the help of Ethan. All of a sudden the sprinklers went off, making the remaining pieces of my shirt transparent, I scowled and used my jacket to cover myself up-Ethan was soaking wet.

'I got rid of him.' Ethan explained when we reached the exit door. 'And I brought you back to life...'

I died? ‘How?'-Why did I ask that, the answer is probably something that I would rather have left unsaid.

Ethan chuckled at my facial expression. 'I used a feather from my wings.' I stared at him, He grinned at me-stunning me in the process-Why do I let him get to me like that? Something crumbled away from the ceiling and landed on my shoulder, I dusted off my shoulder. Ethan turned around and something dropped from the ceiling, I flinched at the thudding sound it made when it had hit the ground.

'We need to get out of here.' Ethan finally said-You don't say! -'C'mon, don't leave my side.' Ethan had his arm wrapped protectively around my waist and I clutched onto the ruminants of his shirt as he guided me through the falling debris. I kept on screaming every now and then whenever something fell and landed close to me. I lost my hold on Ethan and tripped over a piece of wood, falling before we even managed to get out of the doors. Ethan effortlessly lifted me up and carried me through the emergency doors. Heavy rain poured down onto the both of us and everyone else who was outside, making our clothes exceptionally wet. I covered up myself even more with my jacket as Ethan looked down at me to smirk.

Police, Firemen and a male nurse ran over to us, followed by an anxious looking teacher. 'Are you kids alright?' She asked, looking questioningly at our torn apparel. The male nurse attempted to pry me out of Ethan's tight protective grip but he wouldn't budge, the male nurse glared up at Ethan. 'Kid, give her to me.'

'No' Ethan growled, sternly. 'I can't, she's fine.' I looked up at Ethan, his jaw clenched and his eyes...well if looks could kill then this male nurse would be seriously ill. Ethan was being extremely protective over me. The nurse and Ethan's eyes locked, they both exchanged a death glare before the nurse wandered off to another student, a girl who was craving for his attention.

The teacher looked at the both of us again, before asking. 'Are you sure you are alright?'

'Yes!' I answered, in a hiss. I was starting get tired and all I wanted to do was go home, shower off and snuggle up in my bed.

The teacher opened her mouth to say something else, only to be cut off by a firefighter who was trying to get us away from the now burning building.

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