Matt was in my next class, which made me feel a bit better considering the fact that Ethan would be lurking about-watching me. Matt was one of my old best friends that had moved away two years ago. I still remember how he'd come over-no matter what day or weather-to my house to play with me and visa versa. Our parents thought we'd be childhood sweethearts but it wasn't like that with Matt and me because he was like an older brother to me, he was over-protective when it came to me like any other older brother. Almost like my guardian angel. He was also extremely good looking. Sitting on top of his head was a head full of blonde hair that was cropped and had a spiky kind of look; his eyes were blue and sincere looking. Matt had this scent that would drive any girl crazy-even me-his smell was wonderful, At thirteen I started to like him and flirt with him quite a lot, Matt took it as a joke. That's when we both decided we were better off as friends. Sighing inwardly, glad he was back. I started on my English assignment, Matt running continuously through my mind followed by a ton of questions. What was he doing back? The reason why he left in the first place was because his father couldn't find any 'well-paid' jobs here. Another question that I wanted to ask was how has he been doing? I missed him so much while he was gone, and I was thrilled to see that he was back.

Class seemed to fly by, and sooner or later lunchtime came along. After five minutes of searching I managed to find Matt with a crowd of his old friends surrounding him. I went over to the group and squeezed in between some of the people in the group and smiled at Matt when I caught his attention. 'Matt's little princess is here' someone from the crowd teased, I turned to see where that came from, Kent. Everyone has been calling me 'Matt's little princess' ever since we started hanging out but it died down when he left and now Kent's started it back up again.

I smiled a little and looked back at Matt again who didn't' seem to be amused at all; Matt was never one to take jokes lightly.

'Hey Matt, you wanna-' I began.

'No' Matt interrupted, his voice sounding harsh and dismissive. 'Leave me alone, Paige'

Everyone in the crowd stopped their own private conversations to look at Matt who was glaring at me. 'Dude, what's wrong with you?' One of Matt's friends asked in disbelief.

Matt slowly shook his head. 'Nothing, It's just that we don't have to hang around each other all the time Paige'

I nodded slowly, trying not to look hurt. I shrugged and laughed it off. 'No, it's cool' I added a smile, but judging by the looks on everyone's faces it was as weak as a twig. 'I'll just...go' I turned away and dropped the smile into a frown. I headed straight to the lunchroom. I got my food, with no intention of eating all of it and sat next to Jenny who was busy talking to some other girl on the table.

'Hey Paige' Jenny's mouth was stuffed with food.

'Hey...' I muttered, taking a bite of my turkey sandwich.

Jenny gave me one of her concerned looks, then said-after swallowing her food. 'You alright?'

I nodded and swallowed my food. 'Yeah...' I said, then in a lower tone. 'Matt's back'

'No way!' Jenny exclaimed, causing me to jump a little. 'Now you're Matt's little princess again' I rolled my eyes and Jenny chuckled, biting into her apple.

'Yeah, I guess' I glared down at my sandwich. Why did Matt get so mad at me, All I wanted to do was talk and catch up on what we missed. Did I do something wrong? His harsh words replayed in my head 'It's just that we don't have to hang around each other all the time Paige'

What did he mean by that? Those words kept echoing in my head. I shook it out of my head, maybe I was being over dramatic, this shouldn't bug me-should it? I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't even realize when Ethan came to sit at our table.

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