"Ethan?" I still called out. Where was he? I was really scared for him. I started to pull out my phone, until I heard something that sounded like scratching in the kitchen. I closed my eyes and said a little prayer to myself, and walked in.

What I saw shocked me. Ethan was lying on the kitchen floor with something taped over his mouth and a knife in his stomach. His arms were tied and so were his legs.

"Ethan!" I bent down next to him and he stared at me with relief. My hands hovered over the knife, but then I decided to take off the tape from his mouth. He was all bloody, and it made me a little sick.

The smell of iron was killing me, but I got the tape off of Ethan's arms and legs.

"What happened to you?" I asked.

Ethan grabbed the knife and pulled it out, yelling in the process. He dropped it next to himself and looked over at me with his hand over his wound.

"I'm glad you're alright Paige." Ethan whispered and flinched.

"Oh, what can I do Ethan? I don't like you being in pain..." Tears were rolling down my eyes and my whole body was shaking.

"Please don't cry, Paige." Ethan said,

coming closer to me. I looked into his eyes and he smiled a little. "Just watch." Ethan turned to look at his wound and so did I. Suddenly it started to glow, and then it disappeared.

Ethan pulled his shirt up and the wound was all healed up. Only a scar took its place. He looked over to me, then embraced me in a hug.

I did the same and closed my eyes. "I should have been here."

"No... they were after you Paige. I'm glad you went over to your friends house. As much as it bugs me." He pulled away to look me in the eye and, with his clean, bloodless hand, he wiped away my tears. Ethan was smiling and then finally he stood up, pulling me up next to him.

He looked at me and then we both walked upstairs into his room. Ethan pulled off his shirt and looked through his closet for a clean shirt and a pair of pants. Once he got changed, he looked over to me and smiled a little, "Well, now what are we going to do."

I was still shocked from what had happened, but Ethan was okay and thats all I was happy about. I smiled a little, "I'm so glad your alright!" I stood up and walked over to him giving a hug and then kissed his lips softly.

Of course Ethan kissed back and said, "I think I should go wash my hands. They have dry blood on them." He started to walk out, until I grabbed his arm and pulled him over to me.

"I don't want you leaving me." I whispered softly. Then I kissed him again. I was still in shock and I really didn't want Ethan to leave me. Ethan was someone special to me.

He smiled into the kiss and whispered against my lips, "I should really wash my hands. You can come in with me so you can make sure nothing happens."

Boy he was cheerful about this whole thing. I mean he got stabbed by some crazy dark angel that was probably trying to get to me.

Finally I agreed to let Ethan wash his hands and get a little cleaned up, and once in a while he smirked over at me. His arms and hands were clean now and so was his face.

We walked out of the bathroom and suddenly he pinned me to the wall. His eyes were the usually icy color and he forcefully kissed me. I kissed him back as hard as he did me.

Ethan chuckled a little when he pulled away. He brushed my blond hair out of my face. His eyes were full of lust and soon he pulled me to his room. I pulled his shirt off, and I smiled at him. He then pulled my shirt off and then he rested me against the bed gently.

I was ready for this. I felt right about this moment. The person I really loved was Ethan... I loved Ethan. Matt was just a brother to me.

Ethan had both of our clothes off and he kissed me forcefully. He kissed down my neck and my chest and stopped right before my waist.

Soon I was breathing hard and moaning. This was right. This was what I wanted.

I gave myself to Ethan that afternoon.


Ethan and I laid there for a second, staring into each others eyes. His eyes were darker now and he smiled softly, brushing blond strips out of my face.

Ethan then moved his hand and ran it down my to my waist and the back up to my shoulder. He seemed so happy, just like in his sleep, he looked so peaceful.

I kissed his lips softly and whispered, "Ethan I think I've fallen for you, hard."

I saw joy in his eyes and he kissed me back, "I'm so happy. I've always loved you Paige..." His eyes stared at me intensely and thats how I could tell he really really loved me.

My eyes closed and I moved closer to Ethan. His body was warm and felt really good against my body. It was perfect. I did love Ethan.

If Matt got in the way, I don't know what I would do. No way did I want to marry Matt. He was to much of a great friend plus he was my brother.

Perfect. All Ethan and I had to do was fight off all the horrible angels and fight off Matt. He was no harm to me, but still, my mother said that love is the key and it will protect me.

Ethan rubbed my bare back softly and then whispered, "I should go take a shower." He smiled softly and then sat up, pulling on some shorts and walking over to the shower and turning it on. Then he went to a cabinet and grabbed a towel then walked in kissing me softly, "I love you." He walked back into the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

Boy was I happy. Everything was starting to feel a little better and less confusing. Ethan was obviously the one I wanted. Perfect.

After sitting there for a little longer I decided to go downstairs and watch some TV, after putting on my clothes. Once Ethan got out of the shower I would hop in. I turned on the news and listened.

"School is starting tomorrow for all students who are watching this, tell as many people as you can. We will have it in the newspapers for parents and we will see you soon!"

Wow. The school was already rebuilt. Sweet. I wonder if I would see Jenny. My heart seemed to break a little. I missed her and she shouldn't have been involved. I heard the shower turn off and I heard the door open and then i heard him walking over towards his room.

I smiled a little to myself and yawned a little. It was maybe 2 in the afternoon and I was tired.

Ethan soon came downstairs and sat on me. He chuckled a little and I pushed him off as I giggled. Soon he plopped down next to me and smiled. He was in a cheerful mood which made me happy.

"School starts up tomorrow." I said softly.

"Great! I'm holding your hand down the hallways." He laughed.

"You weirdo." Although I

really did like the idea of holding hands with Ethan tomorrow. I mean weren't we a couple? We were living together, but that was because I had no other home.

Ethan kissed my cheek and then said, "Well, you'll just have to get over my weirdness. You know you love it." He chuckled.

Of course I did. School started tomorrow and Matt might get in the way, but I still did love Ethan and he should know that.

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