I've never really been into the whole "Angels and Dark Angels" kind of thing, I was more of a girl who just stuck to the basics-reality-two years ago, and I learned a secret that would change my life forever. Secrets that should have remained a secret. But, I was the curious cat-I was determined to know and understand this secret as much as I could, and you know what they say, Curiosity killed the cat.


It was late in the afternoon and volleyball practice was finally over, I had aches in places I never even knew could ache before I limped to my car and drove home in silence, occasionally tapping my finger on the steering wheel whenever I hummed to a song that I liked. When I got home, I threw my keys on the counter, and called out asking if my mother was home-No reply-so I figured that she was still at work, I didn't bother calling for my father because he was never really home-he spent most of his time at work, sometimes I wondered if he loved work more that his own family. I raced upstairs and into the bathroom to take a shower. I stripped my clothes off and climbed into the tub allowing the water to cascade wildly in my hair and down my back; I smiled and closed my eyes, enjoying the warmth that embraced me. 

Things in school weren't going so well, so warm showers like these and playing sports to keep my mind occupied was just about to ease the stress I carried around on my shoulders. I reluctantly switched off the shower before wrapping my towel around my body and walked over to the mirror to apply lotion to my peachy colored face, I wet a bit of tissue to wipe away the remnants of eyeliner under my deep green eyes. I picked up my mother’s towel and towel dried my delicate blonde hair, making sure that I didn't leave any parts of it wet. 

When I finished I sighed and splashed some water on my face. I looked into the mirror again and watched the small stream of water trickle over my faint freckles and onto my neck. I gazed at myself some more, realizing that my reflection wasn't the only one in the mirror. It was a young man, he looked around my age, and he was unbelievably beautiful. He had porcelain skin that was framed with black hair that danced around just under his ears. He was staring at me, right at me, I didn't want to turn around to see if he actually was there because I was too busy staring into those piercing blue eyes that were-for some reason-full of what it appeared to be was sorrow. I gasped inwardly as a pair of black-feathered wings outstretched from his back, he had a black collar with a broken chain hanging loose next to his arm. 

Suddenly a slow cocky smile appeared on his beautiful face. “Hello Paige…” his voice was so velvet it lured me in. “How are you dear?” I turned around, yes. He really was there. I pursed my lips to hold back the trapped scream that was building up in my throat. He reached out to me, taking my dainty hand in his and tugging on it, I took a few-small-steps forward. “Well, why don't you answer me, love?” I raised my eyebrows in confusion, love? -Who the hell does he think I am...He must've got the wrong Paige.

He chuckled; it was like music to my ears. He let go of my hand and we switched sides of the room. He was by the sink and I was by the open window. Without turning my back on him, I closed it. He eyed me up and down, biting his lip seductively. I crossed my arms, because I felt extremely uncomfortable standing there in my towel in front of a guy I don't even know.

“Do say something…” He pleaded, but his face didn't look pleading, it just looked neutral.

“W-who are you?” I stammered, watching him cautiously as he crossed the room and pinned me against the wall.

“Well, that's for me to know…” He smirked, tugging at my towel. “And for you to never find out…” He did something I didn't think he would do to me, he pressed his lips against mine softly, I just remained still-praying that this is some prank from one of the jocks at school-he chuckled, staring into my eyes, sudden chills danced down my spine.

He chuckled, pressing his body against mine. “You taste exactly how I imagined you would…” he touched my cheek and I shivered again, closing my eyes. “I've been watching for you for a long time, Paige.” I don't know why, I loved it when he said my name, I felt warmer. He laughed and brought his mouth to my ear, his cold breathe grazing my ear. “Are you scared, Paige?” he ran his hand gently down my arm, tracing his fingers over the small streams of water that made their way down my arm. 

“Don't touch me…” I warned. “Please leave me alone…”

“That's the thing, my beauty…” He smiled. “I just simply can't-It's impossible.”

My eyed flashed open and I glared into his eyes, trying not to be fazed by how pretty they were. “Why is that? It's not that hard, all you have to do is jump out the window and leave me the hell alone.” I slipped out of his embrace and opened the window, trying now to shiver as the cold wind flew in through the window.

I realized, that he looked hurt, like I'd slapped him across the face or something...I should have. “Because Paige, you're mine and only mine. I don't even want the devil touching you, or God, or even your angel. If they do, I'll kill them.” My heart, started racing, doing double laps-triple even-going faster than light, the room started spinning, but he didn't move at all. My knees buckled and in one swift movement he had his arms around my waist holding me up-wrapping his wings around me-his face filled with concern and worry. “Are you alright?” I nodded slowly and pried myself out of his embrace, standing by the window again. 

“I don't want them taking you away from me again.” He continued, watching me wryly. 

"What are you talking about?" I demanded.

Moving away he looked down towards his arms and then towards me, "You don't remember do you? Nothing about before?"

I was still confused, "Explain more to me." I said cautiously as his black wings brushed against my arm.

He looked into my eyes, knowing that I needed to remember something. His eyes were now a dark, deep blue and I loved the texture that made them seem more intense and dreamy... wait, what was I thinking? This guy was freaking me out, and I was thinking about how nice his eyes were?

Suddenly he moved closer to me, "I'll be joining you soon, maybe tomorrow. Please be with me. If you see me, you'll know its me." He kissed my cheek lightly making me blush, "I can't tell you. But, soon you'll find out."

Finally he moved away and disappeared back into the mirror.

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