For once I was actually glad to be at school today. One, I was away from my parent's constant arguing-That's all they ever did. Secondly I had to admit that I was quite curious about how the angel-like creature I saw last night was going to fit into school. I mean, this school is observing as observing can get. They'll instantly notice those enormous wings he luggage around on his back and those ordinary human could own a pair those things without the mighty help of contacts, actually not even that! My mind continued to wonder as I headed to my first class, Biology. I sighed inwardly when I saw my crush was flirting with Miss-blue eyed and blonde haired-Popular girl. I didn't have a lot of friends at school. I only had one, Jenny. Jenny was so lively that it made up for me being so conserved; I must admit that she was the best friend a girl like me could ever have.

I locked eyes with Miss. Popular, All I’m going to say that if looks could kill, I'd be seriously ill. I looked away and sat next to Jenny. She craned her neck down to look at me causing her auburn hair to pour forward and she smiled.

'Hey you! -Smile would ya? -It's good for the brain.' Jenny giggled a little and got her books out.

'What's the matter?' Jenny asked, frowning. 'What's bugging you?' Was it that obvious?

'Nothing...' I muttered looking back at my crush Erik as he continuously flirted with Mary-Miss Popular-who was twirling her blonde locks with her fingers. Jenny instantly caught onto this.

'Is it Erik?' Jenny asked, lowering her voice. The teacher, Mr. Ransack, had just entered the room. The class lowered their conversations to low whispers and murmurs; Erik took his seat behind Mary. I slowly shook my head, before turning to face the front of the class. Jenny sighed and started jotting down notes, I leaned back into my seat and prepared myself for this lecture of hers that was just beginning.

'Paige, you should just forget that guy...' Jenny started. 'He hasn't made a move on you, if he thinks Mary's so perfect then it's obvious that he doesn't know what he's missing out on-so don't bother waiting for him.'

I groaned and rested my head on the desk, 'I want him to notice me though, Jenny.' I pause to jot down some more notes-equations mostly-'I wish he would, he's so...amazing. Almost like a movie star. Gorgeous, sweet, funny, plus he's got that smile that could melt any girl-even a lesbo.' Jenny rolled her eyes and shook her head, which meant that I was winning this small debate. 


There are so many guys out that's actually waiting for you.' Jenny said. 'Wait for him, Paige.' I considered that, maybe she was right, I looked in Erik's direction, he was stretching out his arm to try and tap Mary on the back-completely aware of this-Mary was sitting normally with a teasing smile on her face. I frowned, maybe Jenny was right. Erik hadn't even batted an eyelash in my direction since I entered the room. The fact that Jenny's statement was getting more and more correct was making me feel sick.

'Right guys, turn to pages one-four-nine, in your text books-remember to take notes, please.' His eyes scanned the class eagerly, making sure that everyone was doing as instructed. Then his eyes widened at something behind me, he had a puzzled look on his face then composed himself. 'Oh.' he murmured to himself. He then made his voice louder, stretching his hand out to something at the back of the room. 'Students, it seems that we have a new student in our class, you must be Ethan, am I right?'

Everyone-including me-turned to look at the new kid. My eyes went so wide that I was surprised that they hadn't popped out their sockets. Sitting there, right behind me was the guy who had appeared in my bathroom. His sapphire-like eyes gazing admiringly at me and a small smile fixed on his face. I quickly turned back around and faced the front of the class-already feeling his icy blue eyes on my back, I needed to get out of there. When Mr. Ransack managed to get everyone's attention Jenny turned around to face the front again.

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