I woke up, not even knowing that I had fallen asleep in the first place. I sat up in the bed; my blonde locks tumbling down past my shoulders. I stretched and yawned before sliding out of the bed. I hadn't been home in two days, my mother must be getting worried about me, and she was probably wondering where I was seeing as I was her only child. I sauntered out of the room and into the hallway, taking in all the beautiful paintings hanging on the wall. I went silently down the stairs, looking for Ethan. I went into the kitchen but it was completely empty, I went into the living room where soft snoring could be heard. I peeped over the sofa to see him sleeping with a child-like expression on his face, I smiled. His black hair had fallen into his face and his hand rested contently on his stomach. My gaze drifted to his lips, his soft, pink lips that were shaped into a faint smile. I licked my lips; they were making me feel excited just by looking at them... Whoa, Paige, calm down-it's just his lips... A voice in my head scolded me; I pursed my lips together and smiled again. 

My eyes drifted over to his stomach, the vest that he was wearing was tight and outlined his abs muscles. I unconsciously stretched out my hand; just a little touch wouldn't hurt. I bit my lip and stretched out a little more. Ethan turned on his side; I pulled my hand away-coming back to my senses-I tip-toed away as my cheeks burned with embarrassment. I heard more movement on the sofa come from behind me before a sleepy voice whispered, 'Don't go...' I froze and turned around to see Ethan sitting up in the sofa, his blue eyes watching me.

Smiling a little I strolled back over to the sofa and sat down in front of him on the floor, looking up at Ethan, he looked at me before smiling and moving his hand over to my face, gently stroking my jaw line with his finger tips. 'You have such an angel-like face...full of beauty.' Ethan grinned, lifting my chin for me to look at him. 'I bet you have a lot of guys running after you like hungry dogs.' I laughed and shook my head at the referral.

'Not likely.' I said softly, looking up at him and grinning. 'And I'm glad for that too. Most guys around here are just a bunch of butt holes who think they can get anything they want out of a girl.' I added, grunting a little. Ethan chuckled and then put his hand back on his stomach before sighing and closing his eyes in a thoughtful way. I watched him, star struck, as he hummed lightly to himself with a faint smile on his face, so many questions buzzing through my mind. Why did he leave me alone last night? A voice demanded in my head, questioning his feelings towards me. He shows his love, and yet I can tell that he's still holding back. I looked down at my hands that rested on my lap, frowning. Why?-Is there something wrong with me? I glanced at my reflection in the glass coffee table, I wouldn't exactly call myself beautiful but I was definitely not ugly. Was it because my hair wasn't dark brown like it was when I was in the heavens? I took a strand of my hair in my hand and gazed at it, there was a small trace of dark brown, and I frowned even more. 

I looked back up at Ethan again; he still had his eyes closed. I wanted him to show his love to me, to hold me, kiss and tell me that he loves me all the time. Ethan yawned and turned on his side, propping his head up on his hand, his eyes were still closed. Open you eyes! I mentally hissed. Open them so I can see your ocean blue eyes. He didn't open them, I sighed inwardly and stood up. Ethan's eyes fluttered open; I tried my best not to let him see how much they affect me. 'Where are you going?' Ethan asked, his voice full of curiosity and charm.

'To the bathroom.' I then started to walk towards the steps and realized I had no idea where I was going; I stopped turned around and asked. 'Where's your bathroom?'

'Across from my room.' Ethan answered, his voice gentle and calm. I nodded to myself and continued my way up the stairs. I opened the door opposite the bedroom door and stepped inside, locking the door behind me before staring at myself in the mirror. What could I do? Ethan sure as hell loved me, but he thought I loved my brother. But I don't even know my brother so why is Ethan holding back? I turned on the tap and splashed some water in my face and stared down the drain. My eyes closed for a second, then I opened them and looked up at my reflection again. What was I hoping for? A voice questioned. Ethan to be in my mirror again? I rolled my eyes before grabbing a towel off of the towel rack and used it to dry my face. I glanced at my reflection one more time before walking out of the bathroom.

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