Chapter 77.

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"Lets make your daddy cry tonight
Making him wish that your mother had raised you right"



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"Relax love, I'm just getting comfortable" I say lowly as I stare at her, dragging my eyes down her back and that delicate dress that's been driving me wild all night, well, the thought of getting it off her before I pause my eyes on that full round ass of hers.

You're doing dangerous things to me angel.

She doesn't respond, just stands frozen staring ahead at my bookcase and I smirk to myself, such a nervous little thing, so sweet and it's such a pity she was stupid enough to come home with me.

I'm not complaining though.

I'm grateful, I don't know why but I haven't been able to get those blue eyes and full lips out of my mind since I took her into the toilet stall.

I think I just need to get it out of my system with her, I don't kiss someone unless we're about to fuck but kissing her set my blood on fire.

What a kiss that was, fuckin rocked me.

Such a devious little thing wrapped up in such innocent paper.

Still don't understand why I want to kiss her though, why kissing her feels better than any fuck I've ever had.

Such a fascinating little creature.

What's got me so hooked on you?

I walk towards her slowly, stopping behind her and snaking my arms around her waist, that cinnamon scent of hers making my cock twitch, but she jolts in shock the minute I touch her and I can't help but laugh under my breath at how skittish she is.

Little mouse.

"You scared me" she says under her breath.

I laugh out a breath through my nose "Anything you'd like me to do to make up for it?"

I know she won't be able to answer that - but I think she wants to, I think she's got a little devil hiding in there somewhere itching to get out.

Maybe she has some demons that would want to play with mine.

I'd love to find out.

"What are those?" she asks suddenly, sounding riddled with nerves, pointing towards the bookshelf and my tapes.


Fuck fuck fuck.

No one ever asks me about those.

Every girl I've brought here, that's managed to make it up the stairs were too busy with my cock down their throat to ask questions before we fucked and I'd kick them out, can't seem to get them away from me fast enough.

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