Chapter 69.

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"She's the beast in my bones
She gets everything she wants
When she gets me alone
Like it's nothing
She got two little horns
And they get me a little bit"


I am about three seconds away from strangling Harry.

He woke up in a much brighter, chipper mood today, and has apparently decided to make it his mission to annoy the fuck out of me.

I thought things were fine when we woke up, after the events of last night, but the unusual spring in his step as he made breakfast...well, lunch, had me squinting my eyes at him suspiciously.

It's like watching a toddler acting unusually sweet and innocent, to then find they've drawn all over the walls, and he's acting like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth - What are you up to you sly little shit?

I honestly thought I'd wake up to this Sunday with Harry still recovering from last night - frankly like I still am, and he usually would be but instead apparently he's been possessed by some annoying poltergeist that insists on getting on my last nerve.

For example, I went to have a shower, the broken mirror a glaring reminder of last night which I noticed Harry had cleaned up and taped, saying he had called to get it fixed tomorrow.

However, my shower turned into Harry sneaking in while my back was turned, as I was unsuspecting and washing my hair.

Snaking his arms around my waist and scaring the absolute shit out of me, but holding me in place against him firmly, moving his hand between my legs and whispering terrible things in my ear until I was squirming to then just pull his hand away... Wash himself, getting out with a sweet smile like nothing happened.

... I nearly launched the shampoo bottle at his head.

Then, when I got out of the shower to get dressed, I went to find my clothes on the sink... Only they weren't there.

I stormed out wrapped in a towel, to find Harry, laid back on the couch in his sweatpants with his feet kicked up on the arm of the couch, watching some kind of trashy reality show.

"Where are my clothes Harry?" I ask impatiently, folding my arms over my chest.

He doesn't look at me, but I notice the corners of his lips quirk as he tries to fight a smile "What clothes?"

Why you little...

I press my lips flatly together, narrowing my eyes at him "The ones that magically grew legs and walked off the bathroom sink"

He purses his lips thoughtfully "Guess you should try and find them then love, that sounds suspicious"

I grind my teeth, huffing as I turn on my heel to go back to his room and put on one of his shirts, only to find any underwear that I'd brought with me was also missing.

Which lead to me yelling "For fuck sake Harry!"

After that, and his frustrating act of playing dumb as a fucking door nail about my clothes and underwear disappearing, I ended up joining him on the couch glaring at the TV with my arms folded, while he sat next to me cheerfully.... Too cheerfully.

I've never had a happy attitude be so god damn infuriating.

He would periodically lean over, moving my hair from my shoulder, dragging his lips over my neck and pull away, only to come back again various minutes later, nipping and kissing at the skin - to then only pull back and ignore me completely.

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