Chapter 68.

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"Welcome to my dark side

It's gonna be a long night"


"Well I'm not" I challenge stubbornly, praying I sound more confident than I feel

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"Well I'm not" I challenge stubbornly, praying I sound more confident than I feel.

A dark look washes over Harrys face as he pulls his hands away from me, one I haven't seen before, it's not playfully devious, it's menacing and while I'm not afraid of him it sets an anxious feeling in me.

He starts to step forward, backing me up as he tilts his head at me "You sure about that?"

I swallow as my heart punches into my rib cage, seeing him lower his eyes at me as he continues to stalk forward slowly while I match his steps going backwards.

"Positive" I breathe out, challenging him again "You can't scare me"

I know that I'm taunting him with that statement, but if that's what I have to do to keep his attention, make him focus on me and push him to the point where he uses me to get out of his own head, then I'll do whatever I have to.

He looks completely hollow, consumed by whatever is going on with him, but I know he's in there... I hope.

"Really?" he taunts lowly, backing me near the door.

His hand comes up before I can register it, wrapping around my throat as he shoves me back, pinning me against the door firmly and I gasp at the shock of my shoulders hitting the wood.

He leans his face close to mine, his voice dropping as he focuses his eyes on me "Still not scared?"

I know what he's doing, I know he's doing this on purpose, he's not trying to hurt me, he's doing this because he think he will and he wants me to run away.

Sorry Harry, I'm not like that any more.

"You're gonna have to try harder than that if you want to scare me Harry" I tell him boldly, and his fingers flex around the sides of my neck.

"You don't want this Abby" he warns, looking like he's holding onto the last shred of his self control.

"Don't tell me what I want" I argue stubbornly "You want to get out what ever is going on inside you, go ahead then - I can handle it"

His nostril twitches as his jaw hardens and he leans closer, flicking his blown out eyes between mine.

"You wanna try and be my medicine Abby?" he asks with a deep testing tone, keeping his voice quiet.

"I can try" I breathe out as I gulp when his grip tightens "Try me"

His hand slides up my throat, his long fingers wrapping tight around my jaw "That's what you really want?"

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