Chapter 1

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Jesus Christ this is going to take forever. With this insane amount of paperwork, I'm pretty sure I'll be working well over tonight. I looked over at Dad's desk. Empty, as usual. I sighed, thinking about how I would probably have to pick him up from some bar later.

As I went back to my paperwork someone walked up to my desk. "Excuse me," said the voice.

It sounded like a man. I looked up to find it was actually an android. It had brown eyes and freckles dotted his expertly crafted face. Its artificial hair was slicked back but a few loose strands dangled down onto its forehead. An LED was embedded into its right temple like all androids.

Admittedly, it was attractive. No doubt CyberLife had spent a lot of time in designing it to be compatible with humans. It wore a pristine outfit and tie with a suit jacket over top with a blue triangle and model number, RK800, stitched into it.

"Yes?" I asked him. Androids don't really have a gender but this one seemed to me like he was definitely a he and not an it.

"Is Lieutenant Hank Anderson around?" he asked.

"No, unfortunately, he's not. But I'm his partner," I told him, "Uh, forgive me if I sound rude but, who are you?"

"My name is Connor. I'm the android sent by CyberLife. I was sent to find Lieutenant Anderson and assist him and his partner on cases involving the androids known as deviants. I have been informed that a homicide has been reported."

I nodded in understanding. So that's why he's here. Dad's not going to like that. "Do you know where I might find him?" Connor asked.

"Knowing him, he's probably in some bar trying to get wasted. Give me a minute and I'll come with you to get him."

He nodded and waited patiently as I tidied up the paperwork on my desk so it wouldn't get mixed up. After a moment I looked back up and smiled, "Alright, I'm ready." Connor returned my smile professionally. Because he was an android his smile held no emotion, it was merely a formality. "Let's go find my partner."

Five bars. Five. Connor and I had to check four other bars before we finally found Dad. Connor played absentmindedly with a coin while walking up to a bar called Jimmy's Bar. A sign on the door told us that androids were not permitted inside. Being an enforcer of the law I decided to ignore it, "Stay close to me," I told Connor, "they might not take kindly to you being here."

The android nodded and followed me inside. A few residents turned their heads in our direction. "Shit, I thought androids weren't allowed in here," I heard someone say.

I have never once understood why most of humanity hates androids. They weren't asked to be made, these deviants may be causing trouble but not all androids are like that. Humans created them to make their lives easier and then complained when they did. Fucking hypocrites.

Connor didn't look fazed by the comment so I decided to let it go. I looked around and quickly spotted Dad. I started walking toward him, Connor following behind me.

"Lieutenant Anderson?" Connor asked in an attempt to get Dad's attention, "My name is Connor. I'm the android sent by CyberLife. I was told by your partner that you would probably be having a drink nearby. We were lucky enough to find you at the fifth bar."

"What do you want?" Dad asked, not looking up from his drink. Probably Scotch if I knew my father correctly.

I decided to try getting his attention, "We were assigned a case earlier. A homicide involving an android. CyberLife sent us a special android to help with investigation."

He perked up at the sound of my voice, obviously surprised. "The fuck are you doing here?" he asked.

"I came to get you. I figured you wouldn't listen to Connor," I told Dad.

"Well, we don't need any assistance. Specially not a plastic asshole like you," he said pointing at the android, "So just be a good lil' robot and get the fuck outta here."

"Hey, be nice, Connor's just trying to do his job."

Connor looked at me, a bit confused because I had defended him when most humans hate androids. I knew Dad wasn't going to be happy about the situation but he didn't have to be rude to the android.

"I understand that some humans are not comfortable in the presence of androids but I am-" Connor began, trying to reason with Dad.

"I am perfectly comfortable..." Dad interrupted, "Now back off before I crush you like an empty beer can!"

"Come on," I grumbled, "Stop drinking and come with us."

Dad didn't budge. Connor seemed to have an idea though, "You know what? I'll buy you one for the road. What do you say? Bartender, the same again, please!"

My father and I looked at the android, impressed while the man behind the counter moved to pour Dad another drink. "See that, Jim? Wonders of technology... Make it a double."

Dad drank his Scotch quickly after it had been poured and stood up, "Did you say homicide?"

"Yep," I said moving for the door.

"Keys?" I asked holding out my hand as we walked to Dad's car.

Dad looked at me, "What?"

"Keys?" I repeated giving my father a slight glare.

"No fuckin' way. I'm not letting you drive my car."

Scratch the damn thing one time and he never lets it go, "I'm not letting you get behind the wheel. You've been drinking. Either I drive or Connor does."

Dad rolled his eyes and pulled the car keys out of his pocket and tossed them to me. I caught them and opened the driver's side door. Dad got in the passenger seat while Connor sat down in the back. Dad's insanely loud music blasted through the speakers as I drove to the crime scene.

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