Facts and Reality

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Chapter 3


Established fact: Drew is a hot plate of jollof rice with assorted meat.

"What's up ladies?" Drew said to us, beaming.

Acting on impulse, I step towards him and envelope him with my little arms, in a hug.

"Someone missed me" he chuckled. He extended his free arm and pulled Anne in.

"Guy, you smell like stew" Anne said in her usual Anne-y manner.

"Madam, shut up and hug somebody e" Drew said laughing.

Wonder what I've been doing all this while? Yeah? Me too.

As a 5ft5 tall human that I am, I had my head against his chest. So basically, I've been listening to the rhythm of his heart beat and somehow, it reminded me of the beat at the beginning of NTA network news.

Another established fact: I. Am. A. Creep.

Back to reality...."Nice hair cut!"

"Thank you" he said and ran his hand through his hair.

"What about it? It's just...there, nothing special" Anne shrugged.

"Could you stop being such a kill joy even for a minute?" Drew asked, facepalming.

"I just tire o"

"Abeg leave me joor" Anne responded, rolling her eyes.

"No vernacular in school, idiots"

I turn to face the person from whom the words came-  Anderson.

"Bros, where did you hear vernacular from?" Anne asked her brother with arms akimbo.

"See I wasn't talking to you, you an idiot?" Anderson retaliated.

Here we go again...
This would be a good moment to...

"Hey bestie!" I almost scream at Andy.

Anne turned to me. Oh if looks could kill. Maybe it wasn't the right moment. Of course it wasn't the right moment, but I am me. A left handed goblin. Nothing's ever right haha.

You're also your mother's daughter.
Why you stupid subconscious, it's not my fault mum's word play is rubbing off on me!

"Hey, lil one" he replied.

Yes, apart from sharing the same surname, date of birth and hour of birth, Anne and Andy also, so honourably, share the prestigious title; ' Roxie's bestie'.  As if they already didn't have enough to fight over.

"Does anyone else feel the heat? This Nigerian sun sef, ahah" Drew said, fanning himself with his palm.

" Oh please shut up pretty boy" Anne said. Wait, Anne?!

"Coming from you girl, that means a lot" Drew said clasping his hands together against his chest.

"Don't flatter yourself dude, guys aren't meant to be pretty." Anne said, now that's more like her. Drew clutched his chest at this like he had been shot. "Ouch?"

I was about to laugh at this when I caught Andy looking at me, the same moment he looked away. I'm not sure if I imagined that or not.

Anyways..."Way to go Anne, ruining his esteem, as always" and way to go Drew, taking the tension away...

"Well babe, it's the least I could do after he tried to distract me from making mashed potato out of your face."

What was I saying again?... taking the tension away...for a moment.

This girl could actually be a serial killer.

"Oh her royal violence, I didn't mean to offend you, I'll buy you lunch?" I pleaded.

She stroked her non-existent beard showing she was thinking, "Hmmmm, 200 Naira worth or no deal" she said smirking at me.

"Nawa for you this girl" Drew said. For a half Brazilian, he does talk a lot like an actual Nigerian.

"Fine, fine. Deal" I gave in. "Before I wake up to face a guillotine sentence tomorrow" I muttered to myself but loud enough for the three to hear. They all laugh at this... except Andy.

I don't know why but I've been feeling really bad about this whole twin friends arrangement.

Anderson had been my closest friend, even before I met Anne. Their parents had initially enrolled them in different schools. Andy and I attended the same primary school and he was virtually my only friend then, when I was a wet blanket, socially awkward and just plain 'hate-everything-and-everyone-because-people-suck'ish. Yeah I said what I said.

He was in one word, annoying. In more than more word, a pest like that mosquito that disturbed me every night for weeks back at our former house.

Ahhh that mosquito, I could have sworn then that it was the same one! I knew I was a good dancer the night I finally killed that bastard. The bastard!

It's because they say it's female mosquitoes that bite. I'd have suspected that dude had a thing for me. Behind my ear was always it's target. Like of all places?? Mosquito cum human hybrid eyyy... How would that work?

Wait? Do male mosquitoes bite? Why am I asking myself all these questions?

"Earth to Rox!" Anne said waving her hand in front of my face.

Great, I wonder how much of the convo I've missed.

Another another established fact: I'm not from Earth.
Okay maybe that hasn't been established, yet.

I mean, I have this awesome realm in my head. I'm the star of this amazing movie titled 'My life' and I'm also the director. My subconscious is the world acclaimed critique, she's almost never wrong.  Basically, at times like this when I space out, I'm either doing a voice over or that side talk thingy they do in reality TV shows.

Am I from this planet?

And as I think of the answer to that question, I realized, I spaced out, again.

And all because you were thinking of the words to describe a boy, the critique reminds me.

Dear voices in my head, Could you shut up please, I'm trying to face reality!



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