Whales and Pains

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Chapter 1


Uggghhh!!  This annoying sound!
I've really got to change this alarm tone cuz it sounds like a barfing whale not that I know how that sounds anyway bwahaha...
On the bright side, it woke me up.

5 : 16 am
It's the first day of school, my final year of high school.
I'm super fudging excited...not because of school of course.

High school hasn't exactly been a bed of roses for me. Is it for anyone tho

I manage to get up from bed and take a quick glance at the little clock on my bedside table 5:38am How the actual ef! I could have sworn I didn't fall back asleep.

I'm not an early riser but our house is far from my school and I have to catch the school's bus by 6:30; my routine on my mum's rest days and days Josh, my brother isn't around. It's suffering I tell ya.


I step out from my bathroom to hear my phone vibrating continuously.

I pick up my phone from it's glorious sprawling position on my bed. I mean, what's not glorious about a 2 year old android phone laying helplessly on the bed of it's magnificent wielder, who's by the way, too lazy to make her own bed early this morning. It's just a wonderful sight to behold.

Scrolling down, I find on my notification bar;
16 messages from 2 chats


Answer me
Where tf are you??!!!!
Wakey Wakey
Lazy bi... The phone vibrates again and a new text appears

I laugh and nearly choke on saliva. The texts are from Anne, a pain in my ass...uhm, my best friend.

*Hey babe :)*

*Yo shtoopid where have you been???!!*

*Awww you miss me already?*

*Stfu...just wanted to remind you to bring the stuff*

*What stuff :-|*

*The stuffffff ;-) *

*Jerk! *

*Lol...I love you too*

*Ttyl :-*  *

A pain.

Picking what to wear isn't really a problem for me. My wardrobe is made up of mostly denims and shirts so...no problem at all.

At my school, Bradford High, the juniors put on the school's uniform- white sleeved shirt, grey trousers or skirts for the boys and girls respectively, red neck scarf and grey blazers. Seniors, on the other hand, are allowed to wear mufti!...of course there are a few restrictions. But then again, it is the only school in the region that does such, so we're fine with it.

I pick a navy blue denim trousers and a black shirt. Slip on my black converse and put on my precious puma watch which was previously on my bedside table.

I head back into my bathroom to put some finishing touches on my hair and face. At least I should look good on the first day of school right?...ugh not like anyone would even care.

Set to go, I grab my bagpack and head out the door.

Oh darn!
I almost forgot it...

Anne would have totally killed me.

Anne would have totally killed me

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Hey beautiful people🖤
This chapter is lame I know, but don't give up on me, please?😢
The story's not started yet.😊

Before I forget!... the book's meant to be Nigerian, not too much, but yasss I'd be using our slangs and mannerisms, e go bam! I hope 😂🤞

I'd really appreciate your comments and votes.


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