Chapter 61.

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"Tell me how it feels, yeah
How does it feel
Said it's been on my mind"


By the time we left the shelter, Harry had gone very quiet, he didn't seem upset with me, just...quiet.

I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

I know he was wrapped up in his own head, thinking about what I had said, and showed him but I didn't think I'd turn him into a bloody mute.

He said he would he would come back and see Ludo again tomorrow, just before we left the kennel and looked at him solemnly as we closed the door.

"Will someone give him a home?" he had asked.

"I hope so" I told him sincerely "we are doing some therapy and training with him, before he goes on the website, to help rehabilitate him, treat some of his trauma first - it's hard with his breed though, and his background, people judge it a lot"

"He deserves a nice family - people that love him, to be taken care of, kept safe." he had stated, looking at Ludo.

I gave him a sad smile, nodding "Yeah, he really does"

I can see a special friendship forming with them, but I'm just letting Harry initiate it, I know he'll fall in love with Ludo, if he hasn't already, it's impossible not to.

I think they need each other.

The few words that I got out of him after that, were him saying he would drive me home and to leave my car at work, and he would drop me off in the morning, which was fine with me, I find it slightly odd but maybe he just didn't want to be alone.

It's been over a month since I kissed him, and we haven't really been apart that much aside from the week we didn't talk after the fight we had when he left, and it's been four months since he sent me that first text message.

It seems like a lifetime ago now, in finding hard to remember my life before he was in it.

He's spent the car ride so far since we left in silence, looking deep in thought and it's making me anxious.

However, my anxiety was no where near what it was to when we pulled up to an empty parking lot, behind a row of old buildings down a back street not long after we started driving.

It was only just hitting dusk, so it was just enough light to give the car park a nice 'I'm about to end up in a bathtub with my kidneys stolen kind of vibe'.

When Harry shuts the car off, and just sits there, looking at me with his brows and jaw set hard I'm wondering if maybe this afternoon was too much for him, and maybe I broke him.

"Harry? Is everything okay?" I ask genuinely concerned, and mildly shitting my pants.

Whenever he's like this it feels like being trapped in a room with a rattlesnake, with it hovering near your face, and you're waiting for it to strike.

But just like right now, the fucking thing just stares at you.

God, I've never wanted to be a mind reader more in my entire life than I do with this man.

He let's out a frustrated breath, gripping his steering wheel tighter and then rests his forehead against it.

"Harry..." I urge again, becoming more worried "Please, what's wrong? Did I upset you?"

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