Splotching Match

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Iggy has snored the entire night, but Sophie didn't care. She was warm and snuggly with the feeling of home, and even a sleepless night couldn't spoil it.

She couldn't stop thinking about Keefe, they needed to talk. He couldn't ignore his memories forever.

Grady and Edaline promised to check on Iggy during the day to make sure he was okay, and Sophie already knew he would be fine so she wasn't worried. She left for Foxfire not even caring that it was a Thursday, and she had another humiliating PE session ahead of her.

The Splotching Championship.

"Who's ready for the Ultimate Splotching Championship?" Sir Caton asked as the Mentors strode into the amphitheater carrying huge sacks of tiny, brightly colored balls.

Everyone cheered.

"Wooo," Sophie deadpanned, barely clapping her hands.

"Wow, you sound so excited. This is your first championship isn't it?" Dex inquired.

Sophie nodded, gripping her legs anxiously. She was about to ruin Fitz Vackers day.

"We push the splotcher at each other with our minds," he explained, "And whoever gets splattered loses. The winners play each other until there's only one left, and that person wins."

Sophie zoned him out, she knew what she was doing. After a while Dex grabbed her arm and pulled her from her spot.

"Everyone, on your marks," Sir Caton ordered, as Lady Alexine handed Dex a bright pink splotcher. "Get set!"

Dex tossed the splotcher toward Sophie. "Catch."

Sophie caught it with ease and Dex raised his eyebrows. "Ready to go, Dizznee?" She joked.

She began to push and Dex hesitated, causing a very satisfying splat.

"Sorry," She couldn't help but smile. Maybe she should have at least made it seem like a fair match.

Dex sighed, "I guess I deserved that. Go win, Sophie!"

"Well done, Sophie!" Sir Caton interrupted, sounding more surprised than she would've liked. "Go ahead and move up to the winners. Dex can join those colorful prodigies over there." He pointed to a group forming on their left.

Dex scowled and gave her a quick wave before leaving.

Marella made it to the winners. So did Biana and Maruca. Even Jensi. Unfortunately, so did Stina.

"Even a muskog could beat Dex," Stina sneered. "Let's see how you do against a real opponent." She tossed a bright blue splotcher at Sophie's head.

"Get set!" Sir Caton called. "Splotch!"

Sophie threw her hands out, pulling a bigger burst of strength from her gut as she shoved the splotcher.

Within a few seconds, Stina was covered in blue.

"Ow!" Stina screamed, rubbing her slimy blue cheek.

"I guess even a Muskog can beat you," Sophie shrugged.

"Well done, Sophie. I haven't seen such raw telekinetic power in a long time." Lady Alexine commented.

Sophie flushed.

"But she hurt me!" Stina argued. "That disqualifies her, doesn't it?"

"What? Miss Foster should be disqualified just because you can't handle getting hit by a Splotcher?" Lady Alexine's eyes sharpened. "You may go to the Healing Center to cry if you wish, but Miss Foster won fair and square."

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