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The boy's deep voice brought her out of her trance.

He wore a green Level Four uniform, and was sprawled across a bench, watching her with curious, ice blue eyes.

She blinked, noticing the hallways were stark white now. "Wait, did you just say my name?"

Her mind began running a million miles a second. It was explainable, everyone knew her name. She was the girl everyone was talking about. Except last time, he didn't refer to her by her first name. Last time he had waited until she introduced herself.

"Did I?" He ran his hand through his blond hair, "I don't think I did. Anyways, it's the middle of session. Either you're lost, or you're ditching and clearly you're not ditching."

"Why couldn't I be ditching?" she asked, not exactly sure why she was arguing. She didn't know what else to say.

"Are you?"

"No," she admitted.

His lips twisted into a crooked grin. "You're the new girl, aren't you?"

"Is that how you knew my name?"

He smirked in response.

"I'm serious, Keefe."

"Hold on, I definitely haven't introduced myself." He got off the bench and watched her suspiciously.

Sophie refused to make eye contact, she had messed up and she couldn't play it off. She pretended the floor was more fascinating.

"I'm pretty famous at Foxfire," He joked. "No doubt you've heard about the Great Keefe Sencen by now."

She played with her hands, panicking. She had to think of an excuse and fast. 

"Of course I've heard of you." She rolled her eyes. "You're Foxfire's worst nightmare." She earned herself a smirk from him with that comment.

Keefe placed his hand under her chin and gently tilted it up. "Is there something you're not telling me, Foster?"

He froze. "Why did I know that?"

"Know what?" Her heart stopped beating. Sophie watched as his expression grew fearful.

"Show me your hand."


His hand shot out and grabbed her wrist, carefully turning it over to examine the back of it.

"Why did I know that was there? How did I know!?" He dropped her hand in the process. "You- you destroyed Lady Galvins cape! I remember-" His voice trailed off.

"Not this time." Sophie said quietly.

"What do you mean 'this time?'"

"I didn't destroy her cape."

"But you did before?"

"You remember?"

Keefe grabbed her by the sleeve. "We need to get to Elwin, now." He pointed to her welt.

"Not now!"

"Not now?! Are you crazy?"

"We need to talk, don't you understand? You remember the past. I remember too! We can't split up now!" Her heart was speeding up.

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