Here Comes Trouble

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Isaac: Ride that dick baby. Oh shit. Mmmmm

Keyshawn: uhhh baby I'm bout to cum!!!

Isaac: bust that nut baby. Oh shit. I'm cummin babe. I'm cummin!

Isaac: Damn I cant wait to feel the real thing and have you guys here in my arms.

It's been about a month since Isaac's been gone for basketball camp. I'm not gonna lie it's been kinda hard. I'm 18 years old with 2 newborns and an infant. You get it now? Lol. And I've been horny as fuck. He leaves as soon as the doctor says it's ok to have sex. When I see him! It's a wrap. My bussy been throbbing.

Keyshawn: I can't wait to be in your arms either babe. Julian can't stop talking about the basketball game you promised to take him to.

Julian: Daddy

Keyshawn: speaking of the Devil.

I say looking at Isaac.

Keyshawn: yes baby

Julian: I'm thuwsty.

Keyshawn: ok I'll be right there. Welp The Help is needed. I gotta go babe. Your son is "thuwsty".

Isaac: Lol leave OUR son alone. But ok I gotta be at the gym by 5 so I should get some sleep. Love you.

Keyshawn: love you too. Hey don't forget to look at the houses tomorrow and send me the pictures.

Julian: Daddy!

Keyshawn: I'm coming boy!

I say getting off the phone with Isaac and walking to Julian's room.

Keyshawn: why you not sleep?

Julian: *cough *cough my throat is so parched Daddy.

He says looking at me like he's on his last breathe. With his little dramatic ass just like his damn daddy.

Keyshawn: aww the baby parched? Let me go get some water out of the toilet for you.

Julian eyes open wide.

Julian: no daddy that's nasty. I'm not a dog!

Keyshawn: come on let's get you some water.

I pick him up and he holds on to my neck.

Julian: thanks mommy.

He says with a smile. I look at him with the straight face. For a 3 year old this boy is smart as shit!! He knows not to call me mommy tho.

Shawn: Get popped little boy. Are you done being parched?

He nodded. And I picked him up taking him to his room.

Julian: Daddy I sleep with you?

Shawn: Yea come on.

We get to the room then I hear the babies crying. Just great.

Shawn: Jules go get in the bed. Ima go get the boys.

This has been my life for the past 2 months. Taking care of kids. It's becoming a little overwhelming. I feel like I'm losing myself. I'm supposed to be thinking about college. And I really don't even have time to get that under control. I need some help man. I may just move to Howard sooner than later.


Getting off the phone with Shawn I can't help but to see the tired look on his face. I know this is a lot, but I hope he's handling it ok.

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