2 lines bro

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Ever since the night of my birthday, me and Shawn been fucking like rabbits on steroids. Any chance we get that nigga is bending over taking the dick. In his car, in our rooms, school bathroom, shit even at church. Church... now that was fun. I had the nigga's legs wrapped around me fucking him against the wall. Lord forgive me. This nigga is insane. He just can't get enough of daddy. And I can't get enough of mommy.

We are now in the month of Dec. Almost Christmas break and Shawn's Birthday. From the approval of his dad, I got a lot planned for us.  Once I get back from our out of state basketball game it's about to be on and poppin! 

"Let it on out baby." My mom said rubbing my back as I throw up in the toilet. Ugh I can't believe I'm sick. I've been feeling sick for the past 2 weeks. This shit gotta go. A niggas Birthday is next week and I can't be throwing up unless it's from a fucking hangover.

"Shawn you been throwing up for the past 2 weeks. You think it's time to take you the the hospital? anything you need to tell me?"My mom asked.

"Nah I'm good ma. It's prolly just a stomach bug."

"Ok sweety. You have been eating a lot lately.But if this is still going on tomorrow, I'm taking you. No arguments."

I nod my head as I wipe my face and get my toothbrush. Then my phone rings.

"Hey babe"
"Hey hun. How you"
"Im good just finished packing. You feeling better babe?"
"No. Just got done puking my life out. Mommy said she's taking me to the hospital."
"Aw babe. You making me rethink leaving you like this."
"No I'll be fine babe. It's prolly just a stomach virus. Besides You got that trophy to win. The team needs there captain. I'll be rooting you on from here. I love you."
"I love you too babe. Ok. Im bout to get going. Ill be back in 3 days. I'll call you later ok?"
"Ok babe. Love you."
"Love you."
As soon as I get off the phone here come Lamont ass calling me.

"No no bitch that's not how we answer the phone."

Did he just hang up on me?
Then my phone rings again.

"Now that was soo much better. Hi Kayshawn! How you feeling?"
"Like shit."
"Ohh ok well thats good. Do me a favor and come open the door."

"You gonna stop hanging up on me!" I tell Lamont as I open the door.

"Yea Yea Yea come on." He says as he grabs my hands and lead me to the bathroom.

"What are we doing in the bathroom Lamont? I am not shaving your ass again."

"Bitch we not here for me. We here for you.... besides, my man like a little hair on the back side. Anyway, I'm here with this." He says pulling out a pregnancy test.

"And what is that for? Something you need to tell me?" I asked.

"No, is there something you need to tell me? This is for you."

"But I'm not pregnant."

"You sure about that?"

"Of course I'm sure. I mean, Isaac pulls out every timeexceptthefirsttime." I say fast all of a sudden remembering that Isaac nutted in me on his birthday.

"I'm sorry except what?"

"Omg except the first time! Fuck Mont. I can't be pregnant! My daddy will kill him! Then kill me. Omg. No I'm not pregnant. I can't be."

"You won't know until you take the test."

I look at Lamont and snatch the test out his hand. Sit on the toilet to pee on the damn stick. Lord please. Do me a favor would you? Don't let me get pregnant right now. This is horrible timing. I think to myself.

"Ok. And it says here we wait for 3 mins." Lamont says.
I minute has passed.

"Oh Lamont the suspense is killing me!" I whine.

"Well it looks like you don't have to wait anymore. The test got 2 lines bro."

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