My brother and me

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So we finally get to school. And everybody is wishing me a happy birthday as we walk to the cafeteria.

"Happy Birthday!!" The whole squad yells. With balloons everywhere! And my favorite cookies that im about to smash! Ginger Snaps!

"Awe you guys! Thank yall so much!" I started tearing up.

"Dang boy it's only ginger snaps and balloons. I hate to see your face when you see what I got you." Shanese said.

"Lol sorry girl. I've been... very emotional lately. Got a lot going on that I'll have to update you on."

"Yes girl. Like a lot. Which don't need to be talked about in here In front of the whole school." Lamont continued.

"Like what? Come on girl lets go have some girl chat. I feel like I haven't spoken to my friends in forever!" Shanese said intertwining our hands.

"What about the boys?

"Oh what's this? Aww mommy made your favorite breakfast!! Here boys." Shanese said putting the food on the table. "That'll keep them occupied for a few."

We got to the student lounge.

"Ok so wassup?" Shanese rushed.

"Welllll I'm pregnant." I said. I'm not the one to beat around the bush.

"Shut up! Well shit a lot has been going on. Like you're not a virgin anymore!! Where the hell have I been? Omg and you're pregnant!" She said hugging me. "How does everybody feel about it? Isaac? YOUR DAD!"

"Yes I'm pregnant. Lol and it was then night I lost my virginity girl! Isaac is great about it. Dad on the other hand... not so much. Today was the first time he's said anything to me in 5 days."

"Damn. Well baby if you're happy. I'm happy. I know we said we would have a baby together.... but a bitch ain't ready!"

"You wasn't ready? Bitch I wasn't ready! Lol. But I'm happy. I love my baby growing inside me. I didn't know I could love anything more. And I love the man that I'm having it with. Although it's bad timing, I have a great man, a supportive family.... a little bit, and I'm not broke. Those are some of the main things you need for a baby."

"You're right. I support you. Ewww I hope it's a little girl!! Isaac need somebody to calm his hot head ass down! Shanese said.

"Lol my brother wants a boy so y'all might can have a bet going on."

"Well I'll have a boy and a girl for you brother any day!" Shanese said.

"Omg. Get outta here with that!" I said getting up laughing. Walking back to the cafeteria.

I miss Isaac.

As soon as we get back to the cafeteria the boys are busting down on that food! Me and Isaac lock eyes heart skips and he smirks at me with food in his mouth looking like a squirrel with a nut in its mouth.

"Didn't you just eat?" I asked Isaac.

"Man chill out." He said chewing his food grabbing me by the waist sitting me on his lap. "We gonna have a little baby around here man. And I'm super excited to start my life with you. This baby is about to change all our lives forever. As long as it's me and you, we can do this. You hear me?" Isaac says looking into my eyes.

I nod and kiss his lips softly staring in his eyes. I'm in love with this man frfr.

School finally ended.

"Oh babe stop at my brother dorm. He got something for me."

"Wassup little bro. Happy Birthday!" John says hugging me. "This nigga he says glancing at Isaac. "Get in here yo." He says letting us in.

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