Darkness in the light

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I don't know what to feel
What to think
What to expect from all of this
I don't know what is right
Or wrong
I don't know if I'm going to survive 
Or if I won't
I don't know if I'll be happy
Or confused
Or if I'll feel exactly like I used to
I don't know if I've changed
Or if I've remained
The person that I thought
I overcame
And I don't know who you are
In my mind
Or in my heart
I don't know who you'll be
The person I'll fall in love
Or who'll fall for me
And I don't want you to be
The reflection of a person
That I don't wanna see
But I want all of this to be
How I've envisioned it
And see
If I'll fall in love
Or if I'll fall in a dark pit

A very quick and kind of bad poem I'll might regret later but oh well, that's how I'm feeling.

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