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Love is complicated
It never is as simple of being in love and being happy
Love isn't happiness
Love is lust
Love is need
Love is painful but at the same time wonderful
There is no definition of love but we all know how it feels like
So how can we feel and know something that it doesn't even have a distinct definition?
Love is an obsession
It's obsessing of something you think you can never have
And when you have it, you think you don't
Love is despair
It's losing hope when there is no need to
Love is a wish
Wishing of being happy with someone that means everything to you
Love isn't perfect
And real love doesn't exist
Love can be neither bad nor good
It can be both at the same time
Love isn't feeling excited about the future
And love isn't about losing hope about the future
It is about accepting and the good and the bad
And feeling both sad and happy
Because real love isn't always about being happy with someone
But it's isn't also about obsessing over someone and never being satisfied
It is about learning that you can never be happy or sad
Because without sadness, you wouldn't know what happiness is
And without happiness, you wouldn't know what sadness is
Because you need both to feel alive and to find your true self
Because the meaning of life isn't to be happy and successful
Or trying your best to be
It is about living it all
And the bad and the worst
And the good and the best
Because there will always be light in the darkness
And there will always be darkness in the light
And you will discover both of them
And decide what love really is to you


Thank you for reading!
Love really is one of the most difficult meanings to understand... And I don't think I'm even close to but that's what love feels like to me... BTS kind of inspired me with this poem and they've really have opened my mind on so many things but the biggest one of all, how to love oneself... Yourself...


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