extraterrestial existence

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as i looked at the infinite flashing lights
dancing just above the vast dark sea 
and wondered which one are you
the stars above reminded me
(very fondly i remember)
that you were actually above
watching me lying in this forgotten beach
among millions of galaxies
as beauty like you doesn't exist in this mortal world
and im too blind to see you
and you're too far away to be seen

but all the stars in an instant disappeared
and there was only one left
and recognised it was you
(like an instinct i knew)
as it was the the one who was brightest
e u p h o r i a
that's what i felt for the first time in my life
maybe it was just a hallucination
maybe i am just love deprived
and look for any excuse to find you
but i know you're out there
watching me
in your big fancy galaxy
looking at my insignificant existence
do you long for me?
like i long for you?
do you envision me?
like i envision you so well?
or am i just hopelessly devoted to you?
a mortal being too minute for your attention?
i wonder...

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