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My chest in pain
My heart in vain
My eyes in tears
Making me fear
An intense feeling of loss
Like the death,
Of someone you love
But it's okay,
I'm okay...
So why am I feeling this way?

It's honestly a shame
I can't even enjoy the view
Of this beautiful lake
An hour passes by
And I'm still there
Lonely inside
I start to wander about
And think of all the things
We had talked about

I suddenly wake up
It was not a dream
My heart just seemed to stop
I start to look around
Trying to find something else
I can think about
But it's hopeless
My heart is homeless
Please god,
Let me find a purpose
I feel worthless
Do I deserve this?
Is it worth it?

I am very unmotivated these days but I tried something. It feels unfinished but I don't know how to truly express how I felt then. This will have to do, not my proudest work.

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