Chapter 40.

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The drive back to my apartment with Harry was tense to say the least, not for him though, he sat there the whole time with a shit eating grin on his face licking his fucking ice-cream.

I hope he chokes on it.

He spent the whole time humming along to the music in the car happily, lapping at his ice-cream like a kitten to the point I'm surprised he didn't start purring and it took everything in me not to slam the brakes on and send it flying into his stupid face.

I spent the drive holding the steering wheel with one hand, eating my ice-cream indignantly, glaring at the road.

You know what it tasted like?


A once sugary and delicious treat reduced to a reminder of the coil if frustration in my stomach.

He kept giving amused glances, that dimpled smirk taunting me, making sly comments about how I look stressed.

I hope you catch your dick in your zipper, smirk about that you smug bastard.

By the time we got into my apartment, I'd managed to simmer down, Harry winding me back around his finger with cute words in my ear as we walked in the door with his arms around my waist, telling me in between kisses that he'll make it up to me when he gets the chance.

I expect to be speaking tongues in Latin after that stunt he pulled.

It's almost impossible to stay mad at him, he knows just how to flick me on and off faster than a light switch, and I still think he has a manual somewhere on how to make me tick.

"You're cute when you're all pissed off like that, you make it hard to not annoy you" he muses as he closes the door behind us.

"See how cute I am with my foot up your ass Harry" I mutter to myself, kicking my shoes off as I go to sit on the couch.

Harry bursts out laughing, plopping himself down next to me and puts his arm behind me over the back of the couch as he sits with his legs spread "Look at my little mouse, so feisty these days, couldn't picture that when I first met you"

I look to him with a serious expression, raising my brows "Because I was too busy shitting my pants around you"

He chokes on his laugh, raising his brows back at me "How romantic"

I give him a deadpanned look "Nothing about you is romantic"

He tsks me, clicking his tongue with a cheeky grin as he tilts his head "Don't be so sure love, there's a lot you don't know about me"

No shit Harry, wanna tell me the sky is blue while you're at it?

I huff, fighting the urge to smile at him, I can't help it, the way his eyes light up when he's playful like this cripples my heart.

I'm hopeless for him, and I can't help it.

Harry pulls his phone from his pocket, checking the time and let's out an annoyed sigh, looking irritated at his phone "I need to leave soon"

I feel my stomach drop slightly, because I know that while normally I wouldn't question him or where he's going, what he's conversation with Sophie still hasn't left my mind - and this time around, I can't just ignore his elusive behaviour, not after everything that's happened.

Whilst last night all I cared about was how shattered Harry looked, and I clung to every small confession he gave me, none of them gave me real answers about him or what he keeps from me.

Today was also a distraction with my interview, and then when he had my hormones screaming in the back seat of the car.

But right now, sat on this couch with him, my curiosity is bubbling again.

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