Worried...just a bit: 15

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CHLOE: I Had a ruff sleep last night i couldn't stop thinking about josh either i wanted to make sure everything was okay so i texted him,

(Chloe): Everything okay?

(Josh): Yea wbu

(Chloe): i'm okay<3

CHLOE: He seems tired why did i text him?? i'm such an idiot!. anyways i better take a long walk around the block to get stuff out my mind.. i was heading out the door when mom said "Chlobird! where you going so dressed, up! and you haven't even ate yet! sit down and come eat!" No i'm not hungry i'm just taking a short walk.." i said smiling

CHRISTI: Okay honey be safe!!.

CHLOE: i stepped outside looking at which direction i was heading for i walked over to right side of my neighborhood.. because the hylands live near. i made it! finally. i was getting ready to knock on the door i had the biggest smile on my face.. but then i stopped and just cried there i can't do this anymore! i know he probably wants me to leave him alone!!. as i speak the door opens and i'm sitting outside the door i turn around.. it's josh! he was taking the trash out and saw me crying.

JOSH:Chloe!?!?! why are you out here crying?

CHLOE: Am i bothering you? do you wanna be alone sometimes?

JOSH: What made you think that?

CHLOE: Nothing! it's just i think you lost intrest in me that's all

JOSH: I Have never lost intrest in you Chloe! not even once!" i said comforting her in my arms and kissing her softly

CHLOE: I Love you josh!.. can you walk me home?

 JOSH: Sure lets go.

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