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CHLOE: I Woke up on a hospital bed and as i slowly opened one i felt the worst pain ever! so i said "Ouch!" drawing attenion to everyone.

DOCTOR: Goodmorning dear are you okay?. my name is Mrs. Jane and i will be taking care of you today!

CHLOE: No i'm not okay my head hurts and it hurts to blink." i said with my eyes halfway closed

CHRISTI: Hello Mrs.Jane. is everything gonna be okay?

DOCTOR: Well we had a look with her and we have a few questions. Did she eat today?

CHRISTI: I Offered her something but she ran out the door before i could offer her something

DOCTOR: Where did she leave?. and how long was she gone

CHRISTI: she told me she was taking a walk i didn't know where she was walking to. but about 7:00am her friend josh came running to my door saying that she was in tears and she asked him to walk her back home and then she passed out.

DOCTOR: Okay can i talk to josh?


DOCTOR: Hello josh could you please answer a few questions for me?. Did Chloe tell you when she left her house?

JOSH: No but when she came i guess it was like.. 5:00am?

DOCTOR: How far do you live from her?

JOSH: 9 blocks.

DOCTOR: Okay Christi so what i'm hearing is. she walked 9 blocks without eating and or drinking. but when she walked back home she passed out. so that means she was starving but decided to walk 9 blocks she said it hurts to blink and her head hurts to

CHRISTI: Omg! is there anything you can do about her eyes? please tell me there is!

DOCTOR: We could see but i'm not sure. the only thing that would be good for her is probably a good breakfast and a 1 hour nap.

 CHRISTI: Okay thank you for your time lets go josh i'll get chloe you get clara!

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