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CHLOE: When we were walking to my house together i stopped for a second.. i couldn't handle my body and i tumbled on the ground

JOSH: Chloe!! are you okay??" i said worried. she wouldn't open her eye's but she was still breathing we are only 3 blocks away from her house so i carried her in my arms and ran as fast as i could, to her house.. i knocked on the door and i saw her mother through the window.

CHRISTI: Oh My Gosh! Chlobird!?!? is she okay?" i replied as worried as ever

JOSH: i don't know!! she just ran to my house in tears and asked if i could walk her back home and she just fell on the sidewalk

CHRISTI: You go put her in the car i'll go get clara and my purse!

JOSH: Uh wait.. can i come?

CHRISTI: Sure just wait in the car!

JOSH: i sat next to chloe in the car and stared at her and said "I Love you chloe.. i just want you to know everythings okay." and then i kissed her.. i know she's passed out but i just want her to know that everyrthing is gonna be okay

 CHRISTI: Okay! i'm ready lets go to the ER!

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